6 reasons to visit Bangkok Chinatown

Oct 22, 2014

 6 reasons to visit Bangkok Chinatown

Bangkok Chinatown always appears in Bangkok travel map under name Yoawarat. Bangkok Chinatown is always found in travel guidebooks, hotel concierge recommended, travel blog, YouTube channel and travel program on tv show.

Location of Bangkok Chinatown

Yaowarat or Bangkok Chinatown locates close to the River. It is super easy to access. Travelers can take a BTS sky train and connect with public boat. Another way to get there is take the MRT and a short walk to the heart of Chinatown. Or you could take a local bus or taxi in case that you are not staying around metro areas.

Bangkok ChinatownBest time to visit

One can visit Bangkok Chinatown for day long or night time. There are interesting places of visit such as temples, Chinese Shine, and busy markets. It is not just a place that local get in and out. Thousand of tourists carry a camera around for taking pictures with highlight or even selfie there. Bangkok Chinatown is one of the major attractions that everyone should visit.

Bangkok chinatown street

Top  reasons that visitors go to Bangkok Chinatown

  1. Bangkok Chinatown is spiritual center. There are over ten interesting shines. There are Vietnamese Shines, Chinese Shines, and Thai Buddhist temples. It is a very colorful place. Visitors could take part with by the worship the Chinese Gods. You allow for taking pictures and walking around. This place is very vibrant and colorful. The lantern, the architecture and art of Buddha statue are unique and see the strong influence from China.
    Chinese shine
  2. Bangkok Chinatown is one of the oldest oversea Chinese settlement. You could see the old building. The old way of living that did not exist in the western world but still existing here. A couple steps in the Bangkok Chinatown, you could see the many differences in the modern world mixed in this village.
  3. The local people going to Chinatown for yummy food. Ready meal could be eaten at the restaurant or take home. The famous restaurant is serving luxury Chinese food such as shark fin soup, bird nest soup, fish maw soup , cook fresh fish and many more.

The street food or reasonable price has also existed in the market such noodle, fruits, chestnut, pomegranate juice, fish ball, and ladnar. Chinatown is a perfect place for a Bangkok food tour.Kuay Jub or noodle

Beside main meal, Bangkok Chinatown is also well known for herbal drink and sweet. Everyone love dessert right , especially in Chinese style such as Moon cake and Chinese cooking over 20 types of them.herbal drink and dessert in Chinese style

  1. Finding the best cooking ingredient. The wet market at Chinatown offer fresh pork, fish, shrimp, chicken and beef. The Chinese love to eat pork and marine life products.Chinese cooking ingredient

Dry ingredient such as Lor Hung Gua, dry much room, shark fin are also easy to find. Many shops show the product in a big container. The local can select and pick the fresh herb by your own.

  1. This is a good place for taking photos. The old people, colorful shop, food, monks and gold shop are just a sample of idea that you could say hi and take pictures.

Some wedding studio also come here for early morning to get good shot with a colorful business sign.

Sound Interesting right.

  1. Bangkok Chinatown could be a starting point that you connect to shopping place at Pahurat and Sampheng (little India). You could you to shopping at a souvenir, gift shop, and fabric. It is good place to find gift for holiday season.Shopping at sampeang lane

Do you find it is interesting to visit Bangkok Chinatown?

In fact , there are more 6 reasons to visit Bangkok Chinatown. Think no more if you like to interesting in food, culture and people believe. Put Bangkok Chinatown into your mist visiting list.

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