Bangkok walking tour near the river

Dec 3, 2016

Bangkok walking tour @ Bangrak area, near The river of the King

Bangkok walking tour article written by: Dharshini & revise by Eng 2017


On the Bangkok walking tours you will see the hidden secrets which the city contains to give. The walks let you to study about the diverse culture and history and know about the local communities. There are many companies cover a wide range of tours to present the city in various manners with certain having higher focus on the group and certain aimed at history.

The tours range from two hours to a full day. It does not matter about your interests, you will identify the wonders when you come on a tour or DIY it on your own.

Chaopraya river


Colonial style buildings:

Plush hotels are haggard to the riverside of Bangkok because it is the most appealing setting in the town. However the tree lines, lanes resulting away from the river are a treasure chest of excellent colonial style constructions, warehouses and shop houses changed into antique stores and restaurants.

An easy place is to start your Bangkok walking tour at Saphan Taksin station or tha sathron river pier, most of the hotel ferries stop at this location or S6 or Taksin station of BTS.

Local Transport in Bangkok

Walk away from this river and turn on the first left in to Shangri la hotel for an option to really walk on the close area to the river. Go till you cannot go further; exit the Shangri and move on to the right side. Cross the tuk tuks and hawkers you will come to busy, head right for food on the street side and the Bangkok market or you can also continue to walk.

This area is Bangrak market. There are wet market section and ready to eat food  that quick and easy for Bangkok people to stop and go. Various kinds of food are served on the street all day long. It is a colorful market that most visitors curious and wonder if they should try something.

Venetian style facade:

After some time like two hundred yards, move left, by the schoolyard cum parking more and continue Bangkok walking tour through to red brick called the assumption cathedral,assumption cathedral , Bangrak

The Cathedral was constructed in the year 1809 and use as the principal Roman Catholic church of Thailand. The cathedral is seen at the center of the old European business quarter, which located within the grounds of Assumption collage not far from Oriental hotel .

When you exit by the front side door, walk towards the small park and move right, close to the overhead walkway connecting two of the old constructions, now turn left.

You will see oriental pier and standing before the fading lovely Venetian style facade of the East Asiatic firm, constructed in 1884. The industry was heart to flourishing business between Thailand and the world and this company was its headquarters.

 East Asaitic bangkok

Author’s wing:

The nearby spot is full of Chinese style godowns and warehouses, in different states of repair. When you walk back Soi 38, move left to the oriental hotel, Bangkok’s most storied home charoen krung which was established in the year 1876 and where somerset remained way back when.

Author's wong, mandarin oreintal

Cr ; Oriental hotel Bangkok

Exist the real building, now known as the author’s wing. Check out the path you entered, walk away and turn on the left side again left. You will see oriental plaza, a department store constructed in the year 1905 and today home to costly antique stores and on the left side you can pass French embassy. Move left pass the little restaurants near the river.

Bangkok Chinatown

Muslim enclave:

The big and old building you will view is an old customs house, found in the year 1880. It is presently availed as a fire station, however under the grime it is the most attractive buildings in Bangkok of its era.Harroon Muslim musoque


Exist out and move left a narrow lane close to the old customs house in to the Haroon village, is a Muslim enclave filled with wooden houses, playing children and small stores selling food products. Meander by here till you get a bigger street close to the river. Follow this and simply prior the road you will see harmonique, Charoenkrung, a surrounding but not very spicy Thai hotel.

Old custom house and French Embassy

The Bangkok walking tour can not be complete without peek 2 places below.French embassy

Cr :

France Embassy located close to the Oriental hotel which is the only 2 embassy along the river location left. In 1857 , French counselor rent this area from Siam government, back then Thailand was absolute monach. The ruler was King RAMA V, King Chullalongkorn. Later the king gave this land to France , in 10 Jun 1875. Currently, the Embassy located here for 160 , (This year is 2017).

French EmbassyCr : topic 32609677

Old Customs House

The old customs house in Bangkok , a historic building on the river of the King. The building design by Joachim Grassi in Palladian style , was built in 1888. It is located in Charoen Krung 36 .  Later the customs office move to Khlong toey in 1949 and served as Bangrak Fire station.   Old custom house in Bangkok

Cr : topic 32609677

River city:

Turn left on to the art deco style, the common post office and turn left on to the Portuguese embassy, the oldest embassy building of Bangkok, even though this building is best seen from the river when you go Bangkok walking tour from the river.

Move on to the Sheraton hotel to a busy mail , indoor selling a combination of reproductions, antiquities, food and cheap souvenirs. If you make shop in this location, be careful that plenty of antiquities are not, actually, old, while few real antiquities will have been eliminated from the place of origin without local permission.

Rive rCity shopping mallRiver city is the departure place for Chaophraya dinner cruise. There are also river side restaurants along the river, you can chill out before going back to the hotel for rest.

If you start walking with this recommended trip in the late afternoon like 15:00 or 16:00. Your Bangkok walk tour will end at River city around 18:00-18:30. Then you can continue for take dinner cruise if you reserve the seat ahead.

This is some recommend of Bangkok dinner cruise that departure from river city. The modern cruise is consists of Grand Pearl Cruise, Chaophraya river Cruise, Wonderful pearl cruise. The traditional Thai cruise is including  Loynava cruise and Wanfah Cruise.


In case that you have no interest in dinner and fill this route is too short. You can continue walking to Talad noi till ending at Yaowarat or Bangkok Chinatown. There are temples, street paining , cultural sightseeing ,market, street food and small shops that you will enjoy.     

Do you like to walk? Are you planning to have Bangkok walking tour? Use this guide.

By the way, if we post how do you like our Bangkok walk tour recommendation

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