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I am a frequent visitor to Thailand and usually looking for something to do in Bangkok whilst my husband is at work. This time I booked two tours with LJ Biz and both were excellent.
The first was a morning walk around Chinatown and I saw many areas that I had not visited before. Buay was a great guide and I just loved the visit to the gold museum and would have loved to have had more time to check out all the postcards, etc. lining the stairwell. Fascinating tour and highly recommended.
The second was an afternoon tour around local communities and, again, to places that I had never visited before including a village which made bowls for monks and another of silk weavers who had worked for Jim Thompson. Really lovely to have the opportunity to meet the various family members. This tour is a little more ‘off the beaten track’ and along the klongs. My husband was also able to join me for this one and also found it very interesting.
These tours are highly recommended for returning visitors who wish to see something a little different or first-time visitors who have seen enough of the standard tourist venues. Excellent for solo travelers.
Book a tour, or two, and enjoy
Annie , AU
Annie stoddarts , Australia

Wonderful tour to be in touch with locals. Widely recommend!
Also improve our acknowledge about the silk time in Thailand

Kalynara , Brazil

While my husband and I travel A LOT, I can honestly say that we have never had a more prepared, friendly, flexible and professional guide that those at LJ Biz. As I read my own words, I am thinking, who will believe this? Well, it IS TRUE. With this particular tour we were able to visit places in Thailand unseen by most people….the authentic places where the Jim Thompson silk is still handmade as well as one of the few remaining places where the alms bowls for monks are still hand pounded and formed. We ate the best Thai food I have had in my life and also enjoyed a variety of street food and walked areas of Thailand tourists would never find. Life is simply too short to NOT take a tour with these people. I also took 3 other tours during this visit that were equally amazing…check out my reviews and photos.

Lisa, usa
Lisa, USA

“Eng”, took us to areas and neighborhoods that we never would have kn own about, and the way she explained their History, and their significance today, made the Tour so very interesting.

Peter , USA

The tour was great in that I got to see and experience parts of Bangkok I would not have seen otherwise, and there was a lot of interaction with locals.

Joe, Australia

the “Eat Walk Talk Tour ” through a quiet neighborhood along one of Bangko k’s canals. I didn’t expect such a quiet place in the middle of this vibrant city.

Germany customer
Christoph , Germany