Get to know Vegetarian Festival in Thailand

Sep 30, 2016

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This coming month will be held big celebration in Thailand so called “Prapanee KinJay” or vegetarian festival. In 2016, the vegetarian festival holds during 1-9 Oct 2016. The celebration will be in nationwide.

Why to celebrate? And How to celebrate?vegetarian festival sign

The festival is a religious event originated from China. The idea of this festival is to purity their mind by doing good and avoid bad. Furthermore, during the vegetarian festival, they will stop eat some strong smell vegetarian, which including garlic, spring onion, Garlic chives, and tobacco.  They belief this kind vegetation will create sexual desire and it will be obstructed merit making process during the festival.

Some old people they will stay overnight at Rong Jay or Chinese shine for chanting and meditation and be away from anything that may cause bad karma during that time.

Yellow flag in front of the restaurants
vegetarian festival in Thailand

Any restaurants have a yellow flag in front of their shops means they serve vegetarian food.  You could enjoy eating the meal which is proper for the celebration. The main ingredient of vegetarian food consists of TVP or textured vegetable protein, which has been used as substitute of real meat. There are also meal with flour base. Therefore, it may not a good time for a diet.

vegetarain01Where to celebrate?

This festival celebrated nationwide. People can practice and change their routine at home or go away from home to stay at Chinese shine or Rong Jay. Rong Jay is located in the area with a lot of Chinese people such as Nakorn Prathom , Bangkok Chinatown, Ratchaburi province and Chonburi province for an instant.

Bangkok Chinatown

Big event and participation

Bangkok Chinatown is a good place to find vegetarian food and visiting Chinese shine to pray and chanting for Chinese Goddess and Lord Buddha.

Phuket is a major tourist attraction. They also have a celebration parade, which is quite extremely scary for this sacred ritual. It is about welcoming GODs spirits and chasing off bad one away. There is a medium who can do scary thing such as put sharp big needle into their tongue. Some event puts a knife into two sides of their cheek.

Another place which famous festival are also Nakorn Sawan, Trung and Samoot songkam

Do and Don’t

  • If you are in Bangkok, you should visit Chinatown in the evening if you like lots of good vegetable food. Taste some Thai cooking in Chinese style which is very yummy.
  • Phuket is a top recommend place to join the celebration during the vegetarian Festival . It was a ritual since 170 years ago.

you could visit some Chinese Shine. Sacred rituals are performed at various Chinese shrines and temples and aesthetic displays such as walking barefooted over hot coals and ascending ladders with bladed rungs are performed by entranced devotees known as “Ma Song”.

2 Oct 2016  Kongnaka Shine ศาลเจ้าจ้อสู่ก้งนาคา
3 Oct 2016  Sapam Shrine ศาลเจ้าสะปำ
4 Oct 2016  Samkong Shrine ศาลเจ้าสามกอง
5 Oct 2016 Ban Tha Rve Shrine ศาลเจ้าบ้านท่าเรือ
6 Oct 2016 Bang Neow Shrine – ศาลเจ้าบางเหนียว and Cherng Thalay Shrine
7 Oct 2016 Jui Tui Shrine ศาลเจ้าจุ้ยตุ่ย
8 Oct 2016 Kathu Shrine ศาลเจ้ากะทู้ // Yokkekeng Shrine ศาลเจ้ายกเค่เก้ง (ซอยพะเนียง)
9 Oct 2016  Sui Boon Tong Shrine ศาลเจ้าซุ่ยบุ่นต๋อง


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