Who we are?

LJ Biz Co.,Ltd own and operate by two sisters, Buay and Eng. We have worked in tour industry together since 2004. We are also licensed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand as well as a member of Travel Industry Council and Thailand Association of Travel Agents. All of our tour guides are licensed tour guides.

We are a tour operator based in Bangkok. We provide tour services for small group of travelers (F.I.T). We operate tours in major cities across Thailand such as Bangkok, Chiang mai , Phuket and road trip around Thailand and selective ASEAN countries.

The intertwine of Food and Culture

Normally, on our tours lunch and dinner are included. We usually bring customers to dine at small restaurants more than big restaurants which serve buffet. We order a la carte so they can enjoy warm and freshly cook meals but times allocated to enjoy these foods are only a function of tummy replenishment.

We were wondering, how can we do more justice to food, it’s taste, ingredients, preparation and abundant of variety? All more importantly, how our cultures and food are tightly intertwined through people and surrounding habitats.

Thanks to our past clients (knowingly or unknowingly), we started experimenting and exploring locations and searching for authentic cuisines. So began the birth of EatWalkTalkTour.

Our Mission

Our Mission is for EatWalkTalkTour to be a place where people could come to taste authentic local dishes and drinks, while having an opportunity to experience, touch, feel, share and observe intimately the life of a local. Or any other way, round.