10 Amazing Thai fruits , must try

Jul 13, 2016

Thai fruit is renowned for its vibrant flavors, exotic appearance, and rich diversity. Thailand’s tropical climate provides the ideal conditions for growing a wide variety of delicious fruits. Thai fruits are not only popular within the country but have also gained international recognition for their unique taste and texture. Here are some notable Thai fruits:


Known as the “king of fruits,” durian is one of the most polarizing fruits due to its strong odor. It has a spiky exterior and custard-like flesh with a distinctive flavor that can be described as a mix of sweet, creamy, and slightly savory.

Durian Shop


Thailand is famous for its sweet and fragrant mangoes. The most popular variety is the “Nam Dok Mai,” which has a smooth texture and a rich, tropical flavor. Thai mangoes are often enjoyed fresh, in salads, or in the form of sticky rice with mango (a popular dessert).

Sticky rice and rip mango


Known as the “queen of fruits,” mangosteen has a thick purple rind and delicate, segmented white flesh. It has a sweet and tangy flavor, and its texture is often described as juicy and refreshing.

mangosteen, tropical fruits


Thai pineapples are prized for their sweetness and juiciness. They have a vibrant golden color, and their flavor is a delightful balance of tartness and sweetness. Thai pineapples are often enjoyed fresh, juiced, or in various dishes like pineapple fried rice.

pine apple

5.Dragon Fruit:

Also known as pitaya, dragon fruit has a vibrant pink or yellow exterior with white or pink flesh speckled with tiny black seeds. It has a mild, slightly sweet flavor and a refreshing texture. Dragon fruit is often consumed fresh or used in smoothies and salads.

dragon fruits


Longan is a small, round fruit with a thin brownish shell. It has a translucent, juicy flesh and a sweet, floral flavor. Longan is typically eaten fresh and is also a popular ingredient in desserts and beverages.


Rambutan resembles a lychee with its hairy, spiky exterior. It has a juicy and slightly tart flesh with a flavor similar to lychee. Rambutan is enjoyed as a fresh snack or used in fruit salads and desserts.



Thai guavas come in different varieties, including green and pink. They have a crisp texture and a sweet-tart flavor. Guavas are often consumed fresh or used to make juices, jams, and sauces.

9.Thai Bananas

Bananas are known for their sweet flavor and creamy texture. They have a softer and creamier consistency compared to bananas found in Western countries. Depending on the variety, Thai bananas can range from mildly sweet to very sweet. You can see these bananas all year round.

Banana festival

10. Jackfruits,

Jackfruits has a sweet and tropical flavor. It is often described as a combination of pineapple, banana, and mango. The texture of the fruit varies depending on the ripeness. The ripe fruit is soft and juicy, while the unripe fruit has a firmer, meaty texture often used as a vegetable substitute.


These are just a few examples of the many delicious fruits found in Thailand. Exploring Thai fruit markets and trying the local fruits is a delightful experience for fruit enthusiasts or anyone looking to discover new flavors.

Trying Thai fruits is a must-do when visiting Thailand. The country’s bustling markets, street vendors, and fruit stalls offer a wide array of fresh and exotic fruits for tourists to enjoy.

How Thai people eat fruits?

Chili pastes and Thai fruit

Chili Pastes to dip with sour fruits

While Thai fruits are delicious on their own, some people enjoy adding a bit of heat and spice to enhance the flavor experience. Thai cuisine offers a variety of chili pastes that can be paired with fruits for a delightful combination of sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors. Here are a few chilies pastes commonly enjoyed with Thai fruits:

fruit dip

1.Chili Salts,

you can sprinkle or dip a small amount of the mixture onto the fruit slices or chunks. The combination of sweet fruit and the spicy, savory kick from the chili salt creates a delightful contrast of flavors. Mostly, these chili salts are popular eating with green mangoes, Pineapples, guavas or other fruits with sour taste.

2.Nam Prik Pla Wan or Fish Sauce Sweet Chili Paste,


This is indeed a fantastic combination to enjoy with green mangoes. The tangy and crisp green mango pairs exceptionally well with the savory umami flavor of fish sauce and the sweet and spicy kick of chili paste.

3.Nam Prik Kapi or Shrimp Chili Paste Dip,

This flavorful chili pastes mixed with salty shrimp paste, chili powder and sugar. It is quite tasted to dip with Thai sour fruits. This is a unique chili paste for local taste. Trying local is a more fun experience.

These chili pastes can typically be found in fruit stores, supermarkets or fruit carts. Mostly, Thai people will mix themselves Chili pastes especially Chili salts because it is fast and easy. They add a layer of heat, flavor, and complexity when paired with sour fruits, creating a delicious balance of tastes. Experiment with different combinations to find your preferred spicy-sour flavor combination.

The most easy way to access Thai fruit?

1.Fruit Carts

Fruit carts in Thailand are a common sight and an integral part of the local food scene. These carts are typically mobile stalls or carts loaded with a variety of fresh fruits, often sourced locally, that are ready to be enjoyed on the go.

Fruit cart sells cheap and simple Thai fruits. You can buy mango, guava, watermelon, papaya, yam, pineapple ,rose apple and etc. Sometimes, they have fresh coconut, cantaloupe or apple as well. You should try chili paste mixed with various seasonings as mentioned above. It makes fruits have more flavor. It depends on fruit seasons for the vendor to bring the fruits into the carts.
This is very easy way to try Thai Food. The vendor will prepare fruits ready to eat. You can buy a small amount and try it first and if you like any, you can go buy a big pack from the market later.
fruits cart
fruits cart
fruits cart
fruits- sour fruit

Additionally, it’s worth noting that not all Thai fruits are typically consumed with chili pastes. Some fruits, like durian, are enjoyed in their pure form and usually not paired with spicy condiments. Ultimately, the choice of adding chili paste to Thai fruits is a matter of personal preference. Feel free to experiment and discover your own unique flavor combinations!

Fruit carts are easy to find in every corner of Bangkok or outside. Business district seems to be easy to find them, most office workers will carry a plastic bag with fruit on the way to return to office after lunch for a snack later. The food tour operators will pick their own fruit cart merchant and select some fruits that visitors will enjoy.  Travel with tour operator is one of the easy ways to experience Thai fruit and make FOOD TOUR IN BANGKOK EASY.

You might have read about Thailand before you come to visit. If you are a new visitor and have a limited time, it is better to get a local tour guide to help you explore more around Thailand. Since the local guide has more knowledge to take you to visit interesting sights. Save time and journey to look around.

2.Processed fruits for snack

Thai fruit snacks are a delightful way to enjoy the flavors of Thai fruits in a convenient and portable form. Sometimes, there are so many fruits that come out during fruit season. Therefore, they must find a way to process the fruit to extend their shelf life, enhance flavors, or create convenient snack options.

pickled fruits

Sometimes, visitors will find pickled fruits in the fruits carts such as pickled mango , pickled green grape , pickled tamarind and pickled  etc. Those pickled fruits can be dipped with Chili pastes, which make them tastier and more enjoyable. However, trying too much pickle can cause stomach trouble, staying close to a restroom is recommended!

The fruit snacks offer a convenient way to enjoy the flavors of tropical fruits while on the go. They can be found in local markets, convenience stores, and specialty snack shops throughout Thailand. They make for great souvenirs or gifts to bring back home to share the unique tastes of Thai fruits with friends and family. These snacks offer a delicious taste of Thai fruits and are a great way to experience the tropical flavors of Thailand.

When purchasing Thai fruit snacks, consider the shelf life and any customs regulations of your home country regarding the importation of food products. Additionally, check the ingredient list and nutritional information to ensure the snacks meet your dietary preferences or restrictions.

3.Food tour by visiting the farm

In many Southeast Asian countries, especially in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, durian is highly cherished and regarded as a delicacy. It is consumed fresh, used in desserts, made into ice creams, or incorporated into various dishes. While its unique smell and taste may not appeal to everyone, durian has a loyal following of enthusiasts who eagerly await its annual season and relish its complex flavors.


During Durian season, they travel to Rayong and Chantaburi province for eating Thai fruits at an orchard. One of those fruits is Durian, the king of the fruit , that many tourists would love to eat. Thailand has the best durian in the world. It is cheaper and fresher since it grows Durian in that area.

Chantaburi province is 5 hours away from Bangkok, this is a land of famous Durian, Montong type. The Thais love it since it more crunchy & gooey than another type. Not only Thai Tourists love Durian , Chinese tourists and tourists around the world are crazy to eat Durian.

Beside Durian, there are Rambutan , Mangosteen and Longan at the Orchard. You will get to walk around the orchard and get to taste those fresh fruits from their trees. Eating Durian can cause your body heat go high, some people might feel uncomfortable at all. There, we would recommend you to eat Mangosteen after to cool down.

4. Fruit Buffet at Suan nong nuch pattaya

Pattaya, is one of the popular destinations, which is only 2 hours’ drive away from Bangkok. You will enjoy soaking in the coastal ocean , the heating sun and experiencing the night life. You can also enjoy Thai food at Suan Nong Nuch.

Nong nuch Pattaya

Suan Nong Nuch is a theme park which features cultural show and tropical garden. They extend the business by opening a fruit buffet restaurant. Everything is unlimited eating except durian.

You can check it out at Suan Nong Nuch , if you travel to Pattaya.

5.food tours in bangkok + fruit tasting

You can experience Thai fruit in different way and places. EatWalkTalkTour would like to recommend an easy way to taste Thai fruits as below.

Food Tour - food sampling

Or Tor Kor Market

We used to talk about this market before, however it is a must recommend for Thai fruit searching. Local go to this market for best premium quality Thai fruit.  During the beginning of the fruit season , the price is quite expensive and hard to find. However, at this market they offer very good quality fruits that you will enjoy.

Or Tor Kor Market - fruit mango shop

If you come to this market, you can find the fruit you like. They make it ready to eat .

By the way, the market is very nice and clean. CNN rates this market as one of the top market in the world. You will have a good time trying all kinds of fruits and food as well.

or Tok Kor Market

fruit buffet at baiyok sky tower

There is Thai fruit buffet restaurant, in a center city of Bangkok, is located at 18th of Baiyoke sky hotel. The rate starts at 350 THB++ /person. Check in at the 19th of the hotel before going down for one floor of the restaurant.

Fruit Baiyok Buffet , food tour in Bangkok

They serve a big dish of Durian for you,  follow by sticky rice and ripe mango. Other Thai fruits, there are also mandarin orange, corn, yam, papaya, longan and many  more. Additionally there are snacks; jelly fruit, guava and orange yam, cake, jellied, sorbets, juices, dessert with glutinous and ice cream. After finishing the buffet, you can go up to the 84th floor to view the skyline of Bangkok city. It is quite delightful after delicious food and fruits.

After fruit buffet, where to go?

Going to the Platinum shopping mall for shopping apparel, accessories, clothes and shoes. This place is not far from Baiyoke Hotel. Meanwhile, the JJ market or weekend market is next to Or To kor. These two places are on sky train line. You could visit the big shopping mall or some museums such as Jim Thompson Museum or Suan Pakkad museum.

Tuk Tuk Ride in front of Platinum Shopping Mall

Platinum shopping mall

JJ Mall

JJ mall

Jim Thompson house

Jim Thompson Museum

So, how do you like our idea for Thai fruits of food tours in Bangkok. We recommend coming for Thai fruits during the beginning of the raining season. The taste of the fruit is very yummy at that time. It is around May – July of each year.

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