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Nov 30, 2016 Guided Walking Tours in Bangkok Chinatown

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In order to explore the hidden culture, communities and crafts of Bangkok Chinatown, it becomes necessary to find out a provider of guided walking tours in this capital city of Thailand.

Buying Xanax Bars Why guided walking tours good?

  • It helps you to stroll through the hidden communities of this city to experience the real life of the people living in it Huasenghong MORE DISCOVER….
  • You can travel through this city on foot as well as public boat , bus , tuk tuk, motorcycle taxi or else. As you prefer and capacity to beat the Bangkok traffic.  … SOUND FUN….
  • While travelling through the streets of this city you can drink and eat street foods to know its food culture more closely …. Seem YUMMY and MOUNT WATERING ….
  • While enjoying your walking tour through the streets of Bangkok you can support its craftsmen by buying their local made products like hand-made silk and other souvenir items …. GOOD STOP SHOPPING ….
  • You can also get a chance to visit family owned businesses as well as old temples in this city to know more about the economic and cultural development of Thailand …. TALK TO LOCAL ….
  • All the guided walking tours organized by these service providers are escorted by a licensed and fun tour guide to guide you at every step. You travel around Chinatown by your own , but tour guide knows direction better Alprazolam Buy Online Cheap ….. SO, it is worry free….Bangkok Chinatown Bangkok Chinatown , POPULAR guided walking tours DESTINATION

Several of tour operators provide walking tour and food tour at Chinatown. Check out what do they have to offer and match your expectation.

If you like food, culture and shopping, Chinatown is one place in Bangkok that you should not missed.

BANGKOK FOOD TOUR AND A TASTE OF THAI FOOD, two tour operators offer similar product …

Bangkok Chinatown Small-Group Night Food Tour with Tuk-Tuk Ride. Small-Group Chinatown Evening Food Tour to enjoy Flavors of Bangkok.Tuk Tuk Ride

You can enjoy night food while participating in this small group guided walking tour in the Chinatown of Bangkok. The guide can help you in exploring some of the best eating spots in this Chinatown. You can stop at some of the eateries to test the sample of their sweet, salty and spicy items.

You can also visit some of its simple restaurants on its main road and the road surrounding the Chinatown that can serve dishes with outstanding specialties. Along with shopping wide range of merchandise ranging from clothing to house-ware and toys with the vendors you can also enjoy the ride of local bus or tuk-tuk during this tour.

Small-group Chinatown evening food tour to enjoy the flavors of Bangkok: This 3 and a half hour guided walking tour of Bangkok’s Chinatown include 8-10 people guided by an experienced and licensed guide. Along with tasting evening foods at several stalls, small shops, markets and restaurants you can also learn about the history and culture of the Chinese community in this capital city. Chinese dumplings, doughnuts, rice dishes and noodles are some of the specialize foods of such guided tours.

EatWalkTalkTour OFFER

Small-Group Chinatown Walking Tour Including Sampeng Market. Exclusive guided walking tour of Bangkok Architecture: traditional and contemporary. Itinerary of some of these guided tours.China town street food

Small-Group Chinatown Walking Tour Including Sampeng Market: One of the least known and oldest open markets of Bangkok is a SamPheng market in Chinatown. This place is full of visitors, locals and vendors every time you visit it as it is one of the typically busiest markets in this city.

The guided walking tour in the Chinatown, Bangkok takes you into the areas and alleys away from the main streets of this city where you can see certain unique things of this Chinatown during this 3 hours tour. The total distance you can walk in Bangkok Chinatown is about 3 kilometres but it can take more than three hours to cover up if you are a shopper. This walking tour will allow you to discover the charm of the Chinatown in Bangkok along with enjoying lunch in between.


Exclusively guided walking tour for Bangkok architecture: Such guided walking tours in Bangkok are tailored for the visitors who want to explore traditional and contemporary Thailand through its architectural monuments and buildings.

Thus you can easily explore the culture, crafts and communities of Bangkok by taking part in various guided walking tours organized by various service providers in this city. Almost all the tour organizers in Bangkok offer this kind guide walk tours all the seven days of a week.

So pick the one that organizes trips to Bangkok Chinatown, you will get the best of the trip.

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