9 reasons to join Bangkok walking tour

Aug 31, 2014

Bangkok is a big city with a variety of sightseeing that one could enjoy. Thousand of tour operators offer Bangkok city tours diversities such as biking tour, coach tour, and walking trips. To see Bangkok closer and enjoy interacting with local people, a walking tour is one of the options that people should do.

  • Bangkok metropolitan at glance
  • 9 Benefit of join Bangkok walking tour
  • Explore the old community by foot and activities
  • Preparing for a join Walking Tour
  • Routing for exploring city center on own

Bangkok metropolitan at glance

Bangkok is Thailand’s most populous city and the country’s capital. The city stretches over 605 square miles and has a population of 10 million people -representing about 12% of Thailand’s population. The city towers over other local metropolises and traces its origins to a small trading center established in the 15th century by the Ayutthaya Kingdom.

Later 1782, Bangkok was renouncing as a capital city and rule by the King Rama I. The center of the Kingdom is in the old city area inside the Grand Palace which is near to the River of the King or Chaophrarya River.

Bangkok is located in the Chao Phraya River delta in the country’s central plains. The river southwardly meanders through the conurbation and empties into the Gulf of Thailand. It is a generally low-lying area with an elevation of about 1.5 meters above sea level.

Does Bangkok too hot to walk around?

One of the activities or tour that most cities have is a walking tour. If you go to Tripadvisor.com for New York, San Francisco, Singapore, London, Rome, or Paris, anyone could easily find many choices of walking tour operate by many tour operators.

In the pass before covid, I wonder why not so many walking trips in Bangkok. There was just a few of them. Is it because our weather is too hot?  So none of visitor would interest to take a trip?

But now many visitors enjoy walking in the old city and take part of in the Bangkok walking tour. Event, Bangkok has hot climate but still people interesting to join it . Find out more in this travel blog.

One of the activities or tour that most cities have is a walking tour. If you go to Tripadvisor.com for New York, San Francisco, Singapore, London, Rome, or Paris, anyone could easily find many choices of walking tour operate by many tour operators.

In the pass before covid, I wonder why not so many walking trips in Bangkok. There was just a few of them. Is it because our weather is too hot?  So none of visitor would interest to take a trip?

9 Benefit of join Bangkok walking tour

  1. If you like to explore a city slower, walking tour allows you to go slow and see the city as it is. Why bus load tour with a big group of people, you could not stop and see some places.
  2. It is a chance for you talk with the local people or open some discussion or ask something that you wonder or curiosity.
  3. It has allowed you to taste some food and fruits that you would not buy it on your own.
  4. Meet new people: Walking tour in a small group, you will meet new people in the group who come in different background and origination. It is a chance to help one another on the continuing trip or find some interesting activities.
  5. See the area that may not exists in the guide book. You and your group are the only one who goes there. You feel exclusive.
  6. Learn the history. If you are interested in community history, there are background of where people from , what is their former career and much more.
  7. Help with income distribution. It is a chance to drink, or buy things from small or mom and pop shop. Your money is worth to spend and really meaningful for them.
  8. Exercising more,  I love this. Walking is great exercise.
    • The tour price is relatively cheaper than escort tour that uses private transportation

    Explore old community & sites by foot and activities

    Bangkok is the gateway to everything in Thailand.  It is a historic city which offers a little bit of everything. Expect that the city is going to be crowded at a time, loud and dirty. These things are going to make you appreciate the city more. Every time you get a little frustrated of this town, you will stumble upon some fantastic festivals, capture something with your camera out of national geographic or run into a hidden place.

    There are many locations on this globe where you can go right from watching the sunset over a 700-year-old temple to the urban rooftop of the bar within minutes. Well, while they can be exhausting, diverse experiences in the city are going to make you feel like you have visited a magical place. Some of the leading places to visit include.

    Old community and food tour

    Experience various kinds of transportation such as boat ride and walk. Visit the local craft village and has a chance to buy silk products as well as monk blow. Learn the history of communities; go to temples and the local community.

    Chinatown tour

    LJ tour offers trip to Bangkok Chinatown to focus and learn the history related to a Chinese immigrant. Experience local food, buy local products and explore the small street with historic talk.

    Floating Market

    Bangnamphung floating market

    It is not about the walking only but it is also related to experience local food at the floating market that one could enjoy. This trip will also show you the greenery side of Bangkok

    Bangkok Highlight and main sightseeing

    LJ tour offer visiting highlight sightseeing so called Palace, temple, Flower. Taking the local boat bus, tuk tuk, bus, sky train, taxi and walk to the Grand palace, temple, and the local flower market. Enjoy merit making and see the most famous sightseeing. The Bangkok walking tour is one choice to see the city. We hope you enjoy starting point to research more about what type of tour that you would like to participate.

    Preparing for a join Walking Tour

    The walking tour is fun. There are many benefits of walking tour. It is a way to save the energy. You can see thing closer, participate with the local, see the real life of local people, buy local products from the local and many more.

    We have some tips for you to make your walking tour more enjoyable. We are a tour operator in Bangkok, therefore some of our guideline may limit in our area only.

    1. Select the right tour operation. You can review content on their site. Or read reviews and see video from the third party website such as www.tripadvisor.com. It is very important that you know your expectation and find out is it suit your need.

    2. If you travel during monsoon season during May to August, considering bringing rain coach or an umbrella. The temperature is fluctuation and may rain and on and off.

    3. Comfortable shoe is a must. Otherwise, it will be difficult for walking long distance. To Ware flip flop is convenient and good with the weather during rain season. If you are not visiting the Royal Palace the dress quote is not so strict.

    4. During the summer, please drink water to release from heat and dehydration.

    5. It is better to travel light for a comfortable walk.

    6. If the tour operator provides a meal for experience local food, so do not eat too much before the tour. You will have free room to taste local food.

    7. Short skirt and micro skirt are not recommended, if the trip is including boat ride and visiting the temple.

    8. Learn how to smile. Thailand is renounced as the land of smile. Smile is a free gift to anther and easy to get along with them.

    9. Bringing mosquito-repellent or deed. You may need it when walk along the canal.

    10. For join trip, be on time or early arrival. Check with operators for estimate travel time. If you use sky train or subway . It is easy to calculate travel time.

    11. Knowing your capacity to walk and distance of walking tour route.

    Routing for explore city center on own

    Chulalongkorn University

    This is another perfect place for your tour. The university is a home of galleries and museums. It also contains an auditorium used for classical concerts. It is one of the most pleasant places to stroll in. The best time to be here is during the term time. You will find the Thai students who are neatly uniformed milling around the university ground.

    The university is very big, it may take you about 3-4 hours to walk around to major sightseeing inside.

    Wat Pathum Wanaram: located in the city center and next to shopping complex

    As you wander around the university, exit via Henri Dunant Road then turns left. Walk to the end to the end then turn right to Rama 1 road. You will be able to see Wat Pathum Wanaram on your left.

    The temple has a delightful cluster of buildings which are arranged asymmetrically among shrubs and mature trees. As you sit overlooking, you will see a small canal.

    Wat Pathum is a home to Phra Meru Mas; a reconstruction of the Princess Mother’s crematorium. As it is supposed to represent Mount Meru, home of gods. It is a rare example of craftsmanship. It features lacquered sculptures and ornate stencil. The remains of Sanam Luang (1996) the mother of two kings (Rama VIII and King Rama IX) were stored here in an elaborate procession.

    Erawan Shrine

    As you leave the temple complex and turn to your left onto the Rama I road and Erawan Shrine is across the junction. It is an L-shaped shrine and best known in the city. Its location is outside the Grand Hyatt Erawan hotel.

    It was erected to appease bad spirits after some fatal accidents occurred in the course of construction of the Erawan hotel. When the accidents stopped, the shrine became popular. Day and night, the divine intercession takes place, faithful light incense and pray.

    Colorfully dressed dancers always perform thanksgiving dance once prayer is answered. You will be amazed to realize that even motorcyclist stops to make a traditional Wai as they pass. For an excellent tour of the shrine, climb to the pedestrian walkway while crossing a busy junction.

    Prathunam area

    Facing away from the shrine, walk to Ratchadamri road, cross the bridge onto Ratchaprarop and you will arrive at Prathunam area just on your left. The market takes up the city block and occupies maze of covered stalls the market stocks a range of general domestic items hence market to the locals.

    You will see the Indian fabrics and some sewing accessories. The market is also a late night eating haunt serving supper and snacks.

    Baiyoke Tower II

    This is 250 meters high tower. The balcony is painted the rainbow range of colors and seems to dissolve one another as they ascend the building. It is one of the tallest structure in the town. It is an impressive sight. Baiyoke is a 400 room hotel which occupies 28 floors ( 22nd to 50th floor).

    Observation area is on 84th floor offer extra ordinary view of Bangkok in 360 bird eye view.

    It offers guest a birds eye view. Then head to plush bar at Sky Hotel to enjoy cool refreshment and you have savor the experience of the fantastic Bangkok walking tour free.

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