Coins and Thailand Tourism

Oct 16, 2014

Coins and Thailand Landmark by Eng

Money or coin is not only part of a tool to help you exchange service and goods. It is also have a story and history of each place. In period of King Rama IV  or King Mongkoot , he was a person who started to modernize Thailand . Part of the development is including making modern money such coin and banknote.

Now a way, we have 6 sizes of coins which have different values. On the head , there is picture of head of stage or Current King , King Bhumipol (King Rama IX). On the tailed size , you could see different location in each coin size. Earlier blog, I mention about the contain main landmark of Bangkok pictures. In this article, I would like to introduce more detail of each place and what even that make the place importance.

I  would like to start with small coin with less value and increase little by little. What is the Thailand Landmark is inside this small coin.

25 stang coin Ice Cream Gati Sreet food

The coin looks like copper color. This small money is almost valueless. It is can not buy anything including one candy. The Thai still used it for little change.  There are Praborommathat Chedi in Nakorn srithammarat. The ancient Chedi is in the south of Thailand. It is considered one of the top ranking temples in Thailand.  People pay respect to Borommathat which is mean relic or ashes of the Lord Buddha as well as pay respect to Jatukam ramathep (จตุคามรามเทพ), the greatest guardian

50 stang coin

it is a little bigger than previous one.  If you visit Chiang mai , you must visit this temple which is Phathat Doi Suthep.  It is built in Lanna Design on the mountain top. This temple is fall in the second ranking royal temple category. It was declared as national ancient site since 1935. This is the best place to view Chiang mai and consider temple for Phu Phing Palace.

Thai Baht Coins

One Baht Coin

At the back of coin contains Wat Phrakeaw or the temple of Emerald Buddha which is the spiritual center for Thai people. Wat Phra Kaew is indeed a significant and revered temple located within the grounds of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. The temple is considered the most sacred in Thailand and is an important spiritual and cultural symbol for the Thai people.

The combination of the Emerald Buddha, the mural paintings, and the religious activities make Wat Phra Kaew a vital spiritual center and a significant cultural landmark in Thailand. It draws both locals and tourists seeking to experience the beauty and spirituality of Thai culture. You could listen to a sermon every Sunday.

The main highlight of Wat Phra Kaew is the revered Emerald Buddha, a small statue carved from a single piece of jade. Despite its name, the statue is not made of emerald but rather a type of jade called nephrite. The Emerald Buddha is considered a protective symbol of Thailand, and its seasonal attire changes throughout the year in a ceremony performed by the Thai King. It is housed in the Ubosot (ordination hall) of the temple.

Wat Phra Kaew is an active place of worship, and visitors have the opportunity to attend sermons and religious ceremonies on special occasions and Sundays. These sermons offer spiritual guidance and teachings to those who attend, providing a deeper understanding of Buddhist philosophy and practice.

Two Baht Coin

The Golden  mountain is on the tailed side. Each year during November, Bangkok people will visit here to pay respect and go there fore temple fair.

Five Baht Coin – This coin has the main Chapel of Wat Benchamaborpit which is made of white marble . This is one of the most importance temples for the monarch.

Ten Baht Coin – The temple of down or Wat Arun prang was on the back. The temple was built since Ayutthaya period and the main Buddha was built and designed by King Rama II.

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