Learn and see Bangkok history via VDO

Jul 16, 2014

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Bangkok History in brief

Bangkok was announced as capital city in 1782. King Rama I (Bangkok founder) made the Grand Palace as a residential and royal office. The center city was inside the city wall. People live around the main canal and not far from city moats and the fortress. The city was small due to less number of populations. The most convenient way to navigate around was water way or canal.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”16px”][vc_single_image image=”3420″ css_animation=”fadeInUp” alignment=”center” style=”vc_box_rounded” border_color=”grey” img_link_large=”yes” img_link_target=”_self” title=”Bangkok at night” img_size=”full”][vc_empty_space height=”16px”][vc_column_text]

See Bangkok in the pass

Bangkok has changed gradually in the last 60 years. People custom, lifestyle, house, communities, and mode of transportation have changed dramatically. There are old films made in 1930s-1950s by foreign visitors, which is quite interesting to see how Bangkok and Thailand look like in the pass. Let’s turn to clock back and see Thailand in the old day via interesting video.

Siam to Korea Trip

The Video name Siam to Korea by A James A. Fitzpatrick , traveltalk was really interesting to see Siam in 1931. (in my opinion, it look a lot older than 1931. It might be 1901-1910 ). They came to Siam by boat and continue trip to Bangkok by train. During the trip they saw a Chinese junk boat (It was famous transportation between Thailand and China during 1800-1860s). They shot the video at the small community which looks like a Chinese immigrant group. The explanation of Siam was including the all kinds of agricultural products we plaint. You will see the Anantasamakom throne hall, marble temples, the Grand palace and temple of dawn which still look the same as now a day. They explain shortly about the Buddhism which is the national religion as well.

Siam High Society in 1919

This video presents the gesture and proper manner of high ranking Siam people when they visit someone’s house. It is possible that the main lady in the film was the King’s consort or a princess. When the Siamese meet to a superior ranking person, they always keep their head lower than the dignitaries. That’s why they crawled and bent down to talk.  They also show how to chew betel nut.  There was traditional Thai music on the background. Another highlight was showing how to dress Joong Kra ban, traditional pants made of one fabric.

**Buy hey, don’t worry and be afraid to visit Thailand. Those gesture and manner are no longer practicing.

Siam History in 1937

This video is in color and in good quality.  There are views of Hau Lamphong, The Grand Palace , Thai dance and Bangkok canal. The Thai dance was different from what we saw now a day since all dance put white color on their face which is similar to Japan or Burma. However, the dance itself is in traditional Thai style. Back then, there was not much car on the street. You can see the rickshaw service by the old Chinese man rather than motorcycle taxi. You can see tram ran pass the Hualamphong railway station. The busiest mode of transport was in the waterway. There was boat selling all kinds of fruits, and goods. This must has been the shadow of Floating market now a day.

more youtube on Bangkok Canal


Thailand – The Big picture

This video made around 1960s by the Department of defense, U.S Army to understand Thailand in brief. In my opinion it was like a government project to request fund raising to help Thailand.  The video explains Thailand situation during the cold war. It showed the relationship between Thai and US military as well as US support in public health, transportation and communication.

Old Bangkok 45 years ago (1960s)

The video showed when Bangkok and Thailand started to change. There are some uniquely Thai activities that you still be able to see now a day. The first activities take part in Wat Pho. Then, the morning ritual of Buddhist monk receives the food offering from devoted Thai people. See the short story of Chinese refuge sold his products and made a living by selling Choa koay (not pudding). This story was very touching for me. It shows the hardship in live of Chinese family who first immigrated to another land. My grandfather and my mom must had a hard time not different from them. You can see the life of the main river of Choa praya river and canal and fish market. The traditional dance rehearsal was amazing when the young boy train to be hanuman dance.  The Buddhist monk teaching , life of Thai royal family and a lot more that you can see from this video. It is one of a must see.

Elephant at work in the Jungle

This video has nothing to do with Bangkok history directly. The black and white movie show elephants and local people work in the jungle to bring the timber to somewhere. I guessed they about to bring wood to the city. It was very labor intensive and hard work. Now a day , elephants serve the tours which is much easier.

Even Bangkok has changed a lot. Hoever, some old Bangkok Communities , Palace, Temple, and Bangkok canal are reflection of the pass. It was not the same, but the old spirit and culture still here.

Thank you all of those who upload cool video to youtube. It is truly enjoyment. I hope you enjoy the movie as i did and I am look forwarding to hear or read comment from you.

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