Tips of Bangkok Food Travel

Jul 4, 2016

Bangkok, the gateway to South-East Asia serves as an ultimate food stop over for every foodie on this planet. Tasting and trying out Thai delicacies, either restaurant based or street food, both are highly famous amongst the localites and the visitors. Keeping aside other attractions, traveling to Bangkok for Thai Cooking Classes is a great deal to indulge in. For most of the people, Bangkok Food Travel attracts as the real highlight of their trip to the best tourist city in the world. Get an insight of food tour to Bangkok by reading our listed foodie-attractions of Bangkok City.

The Food Tour to Bangkok City:

Fall in love with their finger-licking and sumptuous Thai Delicacies!

Cooking Classes:

The Thai Capital offers many ways to get hands on the famous cooking classes at a very affordable and pocket friendly amount for all the Thai food lovers so that they won’t be missing them when they get back home. The cooking classes are a must-to-do item on to-do checklist of every visitor who hits the town! A great number of restaurants and hotels offer cooking classes starting from a very cheap rate of thirty five US dollar per person. In these classes, they teach you how to pick and purchase freshest ingredients from the market with a little bargaining and help you learn to cook three to four dishes per day.

The must-try dishes comprises of Tom Yum Goong (perfect blend of spicy and saucy shrimp soup), Som Tum (savory papaya salad), Tom Kha kai (creamy coconut chicken soup, Gaeng Daeng (exotic red curry) and Pad Thai (fried noodles).

Helping Hands, Baipai Thai Cooking School, Khao, Oriental Hotel Thai Cooking School and May Kaidee’s are some of the renown cooking schools in Bangkok to choose from. There are also other cooking class that worth consider. If we have time, we will review for you one by one.  🙂

Bai Pai Cooking Class

Bai Pai Cooking Class Cr.Picture from Baipai Cooking Class

Bangkok’s Famous Floating Market:

With the smell of food filling the air, the chaos, and various vendors won’t let you go without having great food!

Here you can explore the demanding Thai culinary culture prevailing in three traditional floating markets, which appear similar to Venice destination. With hand-picked and freshest ingredients, exceptionally flavorized main courses and mouth-watering sweet tooth, you will be drowned in to the real taste of Thai Cuisine.

The genuine Tha Ka Floating market offers farmers to meet up at one place where they could exchange their products. Witness a fun-filled boat ride in a coconut farm while spying the conventional way of manufacturing coconut sugar on your way. Imagine mackerel fried rice and roasted bananas topped with caramelized sweet dip along with some freshly-picked food.

Tha Ka floating market

Tha Ka floating market

The Amphawa Floating Market is a perfect place that houses complete range of Thai snacks and deserts in the evening.

Amphawa Floating Market

Amphawa Floating Market

Amapawa Floating Market

Amapawa Floating Market

China Town or Yaowarat Road
This place is definitely tempting feast to the tourist’s taste-buds. Satisfying the hunger-pangs, they serve scrumptious seafood. Despite the fact that you can easily find tons of hawkers down the street and being placed in the busiest area of the city, China Town has somehow managed to stay tourist’s favorite eatery.

China town

China town , Bangkok


Kra Poa Pla

Kra Poa Pla

Bangbanphoung floating market

Bangnamphoung floating Market

Lot of idea that you can create or set Bangkok food travel program while visit Bangkok. Read more and even review from user experience, you can make your perfect Bangkok food travel perfect trip.

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