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Jul 12, 2016

Food Tour Bangkok >> Noodle & Sightseeing

Thais love to eat. They create a lot of unique dishes. Each province also has their own recipe which is a little or big different from their area.  The uniqueness of food is not only main dishes, it is also dessert, noodle , snack or soup.

Yummy Noodle

The noodle is not in Thai culture. From the history , it is from China. The noodle has different size, using different ingredient, different color and length.  The way to cook noodle is separated for 2 types mainly. The way of cooking noodle are stir fired and soup. We use to introduce Thai noodle dishes before. Please find more detail from click this link. 

Food tour Bangkok and NoodleBangbanphoung floating market

A challenge of this food tour Bangkok is blending famous noodle with sightseeing. Does it sound interesting ? Are you ready to go and observe Bangkok?

Draft program

09:00 Visit the Grand Palace

11:00 Go to Wanglang walking around , Visit Kuay Teaw Kon Thai

12:00 Canal trip by long tail boat

14:00 Morning market at Nangleang  for eggs noodle or Kuay teaw Kua kai.

15:00 Marble temple

16:20  Kuay Teaw Rua or spicy rice noodle at the victory monument.

Visit the main sightseeing at the Grand Palace, the beauty resident of the Thai King . Wonderful art and craft is here. You could spend 2 hours walking around to digest your hotel breakfast and enjoy wonderful views of Bangkok Palace.

grand palace

Walking across the local market and catch a ferry to visit Wanglang to see the busy life of Bangkok people and go to the first shop at Kauy Teaw Kon Thai. The famous noodle shop that highly recommend dishes including snapper Chu Chee rice Noodle and Sukhothai noodle.

noodle kon thaiSnapper Chu Chee Rrice Noodle : Chu chee is red curry . The curry cooked with coconut milk , which is quite spicy .

Kuay teaw sukhothai is a rice noodle in clear soup which add chilly , ground peanut and various kinds of meat.

Then, chill out along the river and canal by long tailed boat. See the life along the river, communities and houses.

Walking along the Buddha market and continue trip to Nang Leang . There are 2 shops that we recommend. Rung rung serve home made eggs noodle with rice. Another one is a small shop serve various kinds of dish. We recommend Kuay teaw Kua Kai which is stir fired thick noodle cook with chicken and eggs.

noodle egg
Then, take a trip to Marble temple or Wat Benchamaborpit. This royal temple has one of the best Thai architecture for main chapel and  standing Buddha statue in the Sukhothai period. The temple has a beautiful landscape with a story related to the Thai monarch.

Wat Ben

Continue to victory monument, for the last noodle of the day. Payak is a famous Kuay Teaw Rua (ก๊วยเตี๊ยวเรือป๋ายักษ์). This noodle serve in small bowl. You will end up eat around 5-10 dishes which are great fun. The special of this noodle is included chicken or pork blood. It makes the soup look dark. The chef adds chilly, lime juice , sugar, and fish sauce.

Kuay teaw rua serve in a small bowls. So one can eat a lot of dishes. Sometime, young kids has small competition who eat more dishes is the winner.

Sound fun right.

Let’s do it.

If you go to Morchit, you can stop at victory monument .

It is a good Idea to have lunch as noodle , then in the afternoon to hunt Thai stuff at JJ market or weekend Market.

noodle boatBeware that many noodle dish is quite spicy. If you love spicy, you will love all the places that I recommend.

We hope you like our noodle food tour Bangkok idea. Please let us know how is your experience. We love to hear from you.

Bon Appetit

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