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Mar 7, 2017

BANGKOK FOOD TOURS – Self Tour VS Group Tour ? 

Thai food is renounce as one of the most famous food of the world.

Why Thai Foods become famous?   . . . .

It could be a number of reasons why Thai foods become famous such as ….

  • Good taste
  • Thai restaurant is everywhere, make it easy to access
  • Good PR by Thai government
  • Reasonable Price

Anyway …Now, Bangkok Food tours is so Famous. Everyone who visits Bangkok and Thailand has shown highly intension to join Thai food or Bangkok Food Tour . 

Thai Food

Self Bangkok Food Tours VS Organized Bangkok Food Tours by tour operator…

There are number of issue to help you decide weather once should join Bangkok food tours or DIY tour by your own

  1. Your travel style : If you do not like story and history , you may start food tour on your own. Mostly of the people who join the trip with other and guided tour since they need depth information and love local participation.
  2. How long do you stay? If you have just 2-3 days in Bangkok , you may consider may consider joining Bangkok Food Tours package . You can get the most of your time and be able to explore and avoid how to navigate things on your own.
  3. Love hidden area or non-tourist place. Bangkok Walking tours or Food mostly brings tourist to non main sightseeing. It will be a chance for fun opportunities to observe the local place . For self guide tour, you could observe the famous food court at shopping mall or Chatujak market, which you could experience various kind of local food there.Tour Guide
  4. Budget wise, Mostly Bangkok Food Tours operator charge 30-50 USD / person for join trip. Private tour will range from 50-250 USD/person . There is no Bangkok Food Tours  package to operate for free , so check it out whether you want to spend on this.
  5. Various food experience. If you are looking for experience Thai food, you join a Bangkok food tour , which you can have food around 3-6 meals all the trip. If you eat very little, it may have to think twice. Or you can try to come to the trip with empty stomach, so you can get the best out of it.Week End Market
  6. Planner personality :  If you are accustom to Bangkok or did a lot of research before you come to Bangkok. A lot of good articles give good advice on where to go for Good food, which area that you can experience Thai food.  Plus, Bangkok is not so difficult to navigate around, you may consider doing yourself. It will be very unique in your style.
  7. Private tour and worry free : If you come with bigger group and do not want to join with other and meanwhile , you can not comfortable to travel around the city, you can also hire a tour guide to escort you around. You just need to tell them in advance what is your expectation . If you already buy private regular tour to main sightseeing such as the Grand Palace , temple or Ayutthaya ancient city, you could give them a note that you would love to experience local food, please add that to the program. I am sure the tour operator will very happy to help and make you satisfy.

Bangkok Chinatown

In my opinion as a tour operator and traveler, I think the food experience of joining Bangkok food tours or salve tour are not the same.  If you have time and budget, you may join both ways.  It is operated in different places, different menus, different time to go and different people you will meet. Why don’ t try it two ways…

By the way, I think street food is core kitchen of the poor and middle class of Bangkok, anyone who takes part in will really get to know our culture and help with income distribution which is major support to small business and Thai economy.

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