Retro Style for Thailand travel

Oct 20, 2014

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Thailand travel in the old day Modify from Muang Thai Smile by Eng

In the old day before the digital begin, what did Bangkok and Thai people do and go during the weekend. Those travel sightseeing still existing. How was it ? We have an idea to visit old place with old school friends. It should be fun and spend valuable time with your friends. Ready , let’s find out where is a good place to visit for your Thailand travel idea.

Bangpoo – Dating place

People in my father age did not go to Khoa San, Sukhumvit , Patpong or RCA for drink , and dance. In fact, Bangpoo is a most famous beach which people go to see seabirds and walk along the bridge. This is a very simple place but romantic Sunset . There are also a family bring the kids for have seafood lunch or dinner.

Bangpoo bridge was build 72 years ago.  From them to now, you could touch and feel the50s era here. The classic music and dance floor are valid every Saturday  during 16.00-18.00 at Salasukchai.

Address – Sathantakarkard Bangpoo  T. Bangpoo mai . A. Muang P.Samootprakarn Tel 02-323-9983

House of Museum –  Childhood and old day

How many people still have a toy that you play with in old day. Each country has different toy and some share similar thing. Visiting the house of museum will bring you back to the pass. The house turn to be a museum and have a lot of toy and utensil what existing 30 years ago. You may find the old packaging of snack, and candy, I am sure it would bring your memory back and you would enjoy and smile all day long.

Address : 170/17 Moo 17 Soi Klong Po 2  Salathamsap Road,  Open Sat – Sun  from 10.00-17.00

Visit Lampoon and Hiripoon Chai Rama(หิริภูญชัยรามา) , old movie theater

Travel to the north of Thailand for Lampoon. Visit small museum which creates by local people. The museum is the smaller size of Hiripoon Chai rama or movie theater which has long wonder chair . This theater is functioning properly. You could also see the old movie poster here.

Address : Wangsai Road T. Naimuang , A. uang, P.Lampoon which is located on the back of Lampoon National museum  Tel 053-511-500

Local museum at Lampoon

Local museum at Lampoon -Thank you – Picture from


Sri Lampoon Hotel

Sri Lampoon Hotel- Thank you – Picture from

Movie theater - Haripoon Chai Rama

Movie theater – Haripoon Chai Rama- Thank you – Picture from

Movie theater - Haripoon Chai Rama

Picture from

Nitasrattanakosin Museum

Visit a high-tech museum to bring you back in 1780s when the King Rama I was alive. The interactive museum shows us 4D of how Bangkok was built and bring you back to see royal ceremony.  In 1900s , you could see Bangkok life there.  How was hair style, the custom and much more.

Address : 100 Ratchadamnernkland Road,  Kwang  Bowarnniwet, Khet Phanakhorn  open Daily except Money  at 10.00 -17.00  – Tel 02-621-0077[/vc_column_text]

Chinatown tourNow you got lot of idea how is the place of Thailand travel to the pass. Blend some of sightseeing to your own program. You can definitely have fun with your friends for sure.

Anyways, please do not forget to keep us post or write your story and share to us ..


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