Thai Currency museum

Oct 18, 2014

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Thai Currency museum by Eng

Bang Koon Phrom Palace (วังบางขุนพรหม)and Tam nak yai Tawawes are not just the head quarter of Bank of Thailand but also home of currency museum.   This Thailand Currency museum has contained thelong history of Thailand related to Thai currency as well as architecture.

The building of the museum is in European style  was once a residential area of Print Boripat  Sukhumpan Krompra Nakorn Sawan (เจ้าฟ้าบริพัตรสุขุมพันธ์ กรมพระนครสวรรค์พินิจ) , King RamaV’s Son.

Siam currency has a long history related to the economy, politics and society in each period. There 8 rooms display different things such as development of Thai currency before historical period, during Thailand ancient city, and modern Thai history . There is also a room that teaches how to check counterfeit money which is an interactive museum.

The pre Thai-historical period has money since Tawarawadee Kingdom which is over 1,500 year ago which is really rare to find.

Thai Currency Display – Thank you

At the south of Thailand, there was the ancient city so call Sriwochai . They have their own money which is called Ngen Dok Chan (เงินดอกจันทร์) .

If you know Chiang mai, it was once called Lanna Kingdom , they have many kinds of currency such as  Ngen Chiang (เงินเจียง) , Ngen  Tok (เงินท้อก), Ngen Pak Moo (เงินปากหมู) , Ngen Bai Mai (เงินใบไม้) , and Ngen Lan chang (เงินล้านช้าง). Some of currency that we mention above is aged over 600 years old. Some of currency even uses shell or leave for exchange.

Ngen Hoi and Ngen Kan , use in Lan Chang Kingdom- thank you fb/HeRiyyKsapnEleaNgeinTraBoran

When Bangkok became the capital city, the kind has re-organize all currencies and set up new product which is use bank not and silver weigh for exchange which is considered a new development of Thai money.

Thai Currency Museum is open every Money and Tuesday from 09.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00 .  For more information you could call 02-283-586 or

Lean Togkamdeena , the currency made gold use n Malayu – Thank you fb/HeRiyyKsapnEleaNgeinTraBoran

Ngen Kab use in Lan Chang Kingdom Thank you fb/HeRiyyKsapnEleaNgeinTraBoran

The museum is not far from the main sightseeing such as the Grand palace. If you love to learn about Thai currency, you could combine this museum for your visit.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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