Bangkok temple tour

Sep 7, 2014

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Bangkok temple tour by NINE

Wat Ratchanadda

The official name for this Bangkok temple is Wat Ratchanaddaram Worawiharn, built in 1846 by the order of King Rama III.  Wat Ratchanadda is a Royal temple best known for the “Loha Prasart” or Metal Castle, one of the most unique temple structures in Bangkok.  It is the third Loha Prasart in existence, the other two were found in India a

The Loha Prasat or Metal Castle - Thank you picture from website

The Loha Prasat or Metal Castle – Thank you picture from website

nd Sri Lanka, but neither of them exists today.  The Loha Prasart at Wat Ratchandda appears almost Burmese in design although was modelled after the one in Sri Lanka.

The Loha Prasart, which means iron castle or iron monastery, has 37 black metal spires symbolising the 37 virtues that are required to reach enlightenment. This building has an excellent architecture, what makes it unique are the spires that are used in the design of the three tiered complex; the bottom one has 24 spires, the middle one 12 and the top level has 1 spire, totalling 37 spires. The many columns in the structure that support the towers create a labyrinth or a maze-like corridors interior.

One can climb the spiral stairs to the top of the structure. Just below the shrine on top of the Loha Prasart is an open air walkway from where one can have a good view of the temple area, as well as the well known Wat Saket temple and the Golden Mount. The shrine on top of the Loha Prasart contains relics of the Buddha.

Besides the Metal Castle, Wat Ratchanadda contains a “wiharn” or main hall, an “ubosot” or chapel and a meeting hall. The temple is set in a large well maintained garden setting with Fort Mahakarn and Wat Saket, the temple of the Golden Mount which is not far from wat ratchanatda.

Aside from the Loha Prasart, the other main attraction to Wat Ratchanadda is the amulet market which extends behind the temple.  The market is very popular, but is not the cheapest place to buy an amulet and Buddhists monk religious utensil.

Since the Loha Prasart of Wat Ratchanadda is the only one of its kind in existence today, in 2005 the temple was submitted to UNESCO for consideration as a future World Heritage Site

The Loha

Loha Prasat Wat Ratchanadda – Thank you picture from website

Visitors to the Loha Prasat are requested to make a Baht 20 in box just inside the entrance gate at the base of the structure.

Wat Ratchanadda is open during 8.30 am to 6 pm.Old Bangkok Buddha market

The location of Wat Ratchanadda is very attractive; it is close to the river and is within walking distance of Khao San Road, the famous backpacker district of Bangkok.  Alternatively, take the Express Boat to the Memorial Bridge pier and take a tuk-tuk or taxi from there.


This temple is not yet very well known, so one can avoid the crowds of tourists at this temple.

If you’re interesting in the Bangkok temple, you can make visit old Bangkok city and this temple can be add into your Bangkok sightseeing tour.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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