Why CNN Choose Bangkok street food, the best in 2017?

Mar 17, 2017

P.M. Prayut delighted with GOOD news that CNN Announcement of Bangkok Street Food

This is good news among troublesome that the Thai Government has faced in 2017 .…

Last three months, Thai government seriously to make the strStreet Food in Thailandeet clean. Thai Governor uses law enforcement   to wipe up the street merchant away from the main street of Bangkok.

Some my favorite merchant has gone for good but some go to located at small street or find a settle place to sell their meal.

The P.M. Prayut policy makes it harder for Bangkok street food merchants to survive and meanwhile consumers that rely of Bangkok street food has a hard time to find the meal.

Even, the CNN complimented about BANGKOK street food. I still wonder why …Thai Media …told about P.M Prayut happiness related to Bangkok Street food, while he try to organize the street by get rid of those small businesses.

Well…You are not at the right place, Eatwalktalktour is about travel blog , we are not a political website.

…. But this is clearly seen , the politic has involve in a people’s life in every element event about food…or  .. what we are going to EAT.

Top Street Food city from CNN

CNN rank Bangkok in top rank to provide cheap and nice street food . Bangkok receives this honor in 2016 and 2017.

In 2017, there are 23 cities that got this ranking. Follow by city after Bangkok are..…

Tokyo in Japan, Hanolulu in Hawaii  United State ,  Durban in South Africa,  New Orleans in Louisiana ,  Istanbul in Turkey  ,  Hong Kong ,  Paris in France , Mexico city in Mexico , Cairo in Egypt , Marrakesh in Morocco , Cartagena in Columbia, Portland in Oregon,  Dakar in Senegal, Bali in Indonesia,  Port Louis in Mauritius,  Mumbai in India , Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam , Miami in United street , Rome in Italy , Rio De Janerio in Brazil,  Sydney in Australia , Beijing in China,

… I have not been in every city above…

But wonder why some cities is not in the listing. For example Taipei, Hanoi, Singapore, Penang or Seoul. Some of the country seems to have lots of restrictions on food operating and how come they have listed in street food.

More Detail of CNN POST , Thai TPBS 

Find Out What CNN Like about Bangkok Street Food

I am not sure what is the facts to measure making one city rank high to another.

However, it is clearly that Bangkok people rely on street food and even government try hard to clean up Bangkok street. But Bangkok street Food vendors still alive and be loved by local and visitors.

China Town street foodWhere to Find Bangkok Street Food Vendor?

No Mather where you stay… 5 star hotel, 4 star hotel, luxury cruise, or hostel.. , when you come out on the street , you will meet Bangkok street food vendors on the sidewalk, small hole between two brick wall of two houses, in front of 7-11 shop or shopping mall.

CNN recommends some places go like Bangkok Chinatown, Thong Lor Soi 13 .

But we have a couple listing that you may like to visit such as Sukhumvit 13

Street Food in Bangkok

When can you taste Street food?

The Bangkok street food owners are very hard working person. Many of them work more than 12 hours a day. Some of the shop selling things all they long. When you are in Bangkok, just come out on the street you can easily find street food vendors who waiting for a customer.

What can you experience or taste with Bangkok street food ?

Food variety is another highlight of Bangkok street food.

You can find a full set restaurant who serve over 100 menus and they tuck all food material and ingredient  in one cart.

You can find soi milk with 5-20 stuff and topping. It is fresh, fragrant smell, warm drink and very cheap.

You can find rice congee , rice porridge or rice soup for a quality breakfast

Fruit cart served every corner  . You can buy very fresh seasonal fruit such as watermelon, guava , papaya, pineapple and rose apple

Noodle is from Chinese, But in Thailand nowadays, we have on over 10 types of noodle.

Or you could also find luxurious menu such as shark fin soup, or bird nest soup or lobster curry.

BY the way, I almost forget to talk about Hoi Tod .

Particulary, Hoi Tod Nai Mong.  Hoi Tod is pan grilled mixed flour and add mussel . It looks like an omelet.  Hoi tood will be served with been spouse , spring onions which will come with source which look similar to Sriracha source but more sour.

Mostly, the street food vender will sell with Padthai are the same shop. The rat is around 50-100 THB.

How much does Bangkok Street Food cost ?

The price range from very low rate from 10 THB or 30 cent or up to 1000 THB dish.  It is really depends on where, how famous the shop, and ingredients cost.

EatWalkTalkTour can put said …Because..Old Bangkok Buddha market

Bangkok Street Food is everywhere… EASY TO ACCESSS …


…Various of variety ..Lot of selection

…Very cheap price compares with hotel and standard restaurant …

All above reasons are good enough that CNN rate BANGKOK STREET FOOD AS top city of street food experience.

All good reasons enough that EATWALKTALKTOUR add Bangkok food tour experience in Chinatown

PLUS, another reasons that I would like to guest, why CNN picked Bangkok the best street food city . It might be because Thai government that mandates the law to make street food vendors have a hard time to be on the main street.  I hope this work and they start to release with regulation to make those vendors still valid in our Thai society.


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