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Apr 1, 2014

Northern Food Explore in Chiang mai (Chaing mai Food Explore)

Buay and I visited friend in Chiang mai March 28-30 , 2014. We had short visit and want to get the most from this trip. Regardless of time we have. one of the major thing during traveling is EAT. Everyone has to eat. right! So I would like to talk about my food experience about this trip.

Phil our friend and our beloved tour guide escort us around. The trip went very well we have a wonderful experience with him. We went to adventure activities, visit non-touristy temples, hotel inspection, experience Chiang mai food at home as well as ate at famous restaurant.

I already prepare to write about my journey . I will update once my blog is done if some of you might interest about where did we go and do.

My Favorite Chiang mai Food

There are so many dishes that we had, but I would like to introduce to some dish of my favorite and beyond my expectation during this Chiang mai trip that i really like and some of them is my first experience. Even, i am  Thai , there are still dishes that i never had before .

1.  Deep fired cricket with salt. Yak !  Who like French fried or fried potato like LAY !  Raise your had up? You will  like deep fired cricket more. OK. Just close your eye and eat it.  The taste was not like what it look believe me. It is not sales only in the Chiang mai. But this is my first time to taste it and I impress.

2.  Sai Oua at Huan Phen : The restaurant over crown with tourist and local come for lunch . I order the pork sausage in Chiang mai style. This sausage has all kind of herb and mixed with ground pork without fat. It was intend with spicy, good smell and a little salty. Yumm!  I ate with soft sticky rice. It mixed well in my mount. Incredible yummy

3.  Kai Kata ! Morning egg fried with paper, Chinese sources, vegetable and minced pork. It was full my stomach and bring energy for all day long. All I can say, this is the right breakfast for me. I can not said this is Chiang mai food. But I never see it sale in Bangkok as well Korat, my home town.

4.  Namprick, it is chilly source mixed with egg plant (small one). P Top, one of our tour guide, bought it from the market for dinner. It was in small plastic bags. It is little spicy, salty and flagrant small from some of vegetable. Pick the sticky rice by barehanded and dip with this chilly source. I was in heaven. Yumm !

So this is just part of my adventure to Chiang mai and hope we can bring a bright product so you can experience some food and enjoy local way as EAT WALK TOUR would like you to experience

Eng Eng

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