Deal with Thai spicy food

Jul 26, 2014

How to handle Thai spicy food during your Bangkok Food Tour

The combination of your vacation must involve with sightseeing, place to stay, people, transport, shopping and FOOD.

Whether you like it or not. Food is involved with your trip 3 times a day.

Book Bangkok food tour, eating Thai food; take a Thai soup during the tour it is certainly happening during our Travel.

So, lets facing the fact that …

You have to deal with spicy…

Do you like spicy?

If you come to Thailand, it is possible to eat non-spicy Thai dish or eat foreign food such as French , Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese , Italian food or etc.

As you know  ….

Thai food is well known as SPICY FOOD.

Thai food

We have many ingredients to make it hot and spicy such as paper, chilly, sweet basic, ginger, pepper, curry and more.

When you are in Thailand, you should experience the Thai spicy food. Thai spicy food is not hard to deal with it.  See why we say so.

  1. THAI FOOD & And THAI language for ordering

Learn to Order less ‘Spicy’ meal. Know the Thai language is helpful about food ordering.

Ped is mean spicy

Ped Ped means very spicy … Saying a short Thai word for twice means VERY

Example  :: SAME SAME … means very similar

Funny language right !!

Mai means not or no.

So order food not spicy you should say “Mai Ped”.

  1. KNOW Color, Know spiciness

Any color in food such as red, orange, green, just beware when you are eating.

Spicy come in different color. Very spicy is in green and red color.

So Watch out

Event some soup in clear color it may spicy since the chef add a lot of paper on it.

  1. KEEP your eye open before eating

This is very important things to do during eating Thai food. Look around your dish before you eat.

Ingredient of Thai food is easy to notice since the remaining the same color and original form of vegetation.

So know what you eat to avoid the spiciness.Leng, Thai Soup

  1. Deal with Spicy Soup

If you see that the food may spicy such as soup, put the soup on your stream rice. It is better to release spice.

  1. Already eat spicy stuff ! HELP !

If you already eat spicy already, do this, it might help.

Don’t worry , Macgywer   is here to help …

– Eat some sweet stuff. Eat candy and dessert may help you to deal with spiciness.

– To apply salt on your lips , it will decrease the spice. >> NEVER try this before, but check it out and lets me know how does it work.

– Eat apple , fruit , rice, or bread which may help by absorb the capsaicin.

Thai Fruit

– Drink milk – We recommend milk at room temperature. Cold water and other drink make it worse. However, milk will be efficient to release the burning on your tough.

– Raise on your mount with salt water

– Eat slowly.  It will help with your digestion.

  1. Know the level of spiciness. I think it has 2 areas that you feel spicy . It is in your mouth and inside your body.

Mouth level, when you put food into your mount. You will start to feel it. For me , I love spicy food. I feel the spicy at the first bite but some how my mouth is just use to it . So if I eat plant food I feel that I am missing something.

Spicy on stomach area which is inside your body. It means you are checking and the whole body does not feel well. You body some how try to release it. It could be sweat or tear . It does not look good. So you should be careful with this. Read before for my personal experience.

  1. Slowly Build your strength in spicy

Build your tolerance slowly.  Try to add little level of spice to your meal, your body will adjust tolerance little by little.

HOLD It  !

The spicy food will affect your body only 15 minutes after you stop eating, If you over do it, just grit your teeth, drink some ice water, and know the all will be well soon.

Experience of the worse spicy in my life.

Lets me share my personal experience ….

A friend of mind from Northern of Thailand visit and brought me SAI UA and Namprik Num

Sai Ua : Chiangmai sources with lot of chilly inside

Namprik Num  :  Young green chilly paste mixed : pure nam prik num is super spicy .

Namprik noom, Northern Thai food

Picture of Namprik Noom from


I had nothing before starting gluttonous eating those things.

My mouth level is no problem, I continue to eat. 15 minutes later, I felt like someone twist my stomach and it is like some use cut chilly and paint it inside my body.


I had the runs and vomit at the same.

I called my friend from outside.


Gave me a bottle of milk

I drank milk in toilet and 5 minutes later I felt better.


After that, never again eat spicy with empty stomach.


So, do you find it easy to deal with Thai spicy. So don’t worry if you take Bangkok Food tour or else .

Enjoy with Thai food and your trip to Thailand.

Do you have another technique of dealing with spicy ?

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