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Jul 5, 2016

Bangkok, a real cosmopolitan city and red hot tourist destination, is one of the best oriental cities to visit. It is a perfect combination of history, nature, exotic foods and colorful nights. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the biggest and the most vibrant city of the country. It is the tourism capital of the east and has been conferred upon the title of one of the most friendly tourist destinations by tripadvisor.

Bangkok is also a favorite destination for the food buffs as it is the place which is the hub of connate Thai food. A variety of restaurants and street food stalls would always tingle your tongue and leave you watery mouthed every time you stroll through the streets of the beautiful city.

red-green-seafood-chinatown-bangkok-003Tourism is the main bread-winner for a majority of the population and you would get enticing deals on the tours. The variety of tour options also add to the industry’s profits. You get option to choose a tour which you like the best. You can choose to visit the historical monuments or take a ride into the rich forest and countryside and visit the national parks and zoos. There are food tours which would take you to places where the art actually originated.

Bangkok is synonymous to street food and it was ranked the top destination for the food buffs. Thai boat noodle restaurants near the Victory Monument are very famous area for the local street food. The Chinatown is one of the best rated street food zones in the city. It presents countless variety of Thai cuisines and Indian dishes.

noodle boatRatchawat Market is famous for the scrumptious non-vegetarian Thai cuisines. Rangnam Street is famous for upscale Seafood restaurants, bars, pubs and international restaurants. Do not forget to stroll through the streets to have an exquisite experience with the Thai food.

Ratchawat Market

Ratchawat Market

Thailand is famous for the oriental Thai massage. Please feel free to try out one and give your body an experience which would open up all the nerves of your body.

ThaimassageBangkok is a destination specially modified for the tourists. There are many monuments and historical places which are worth visiting. It is the place of Buddhist temples and you would find a lot of temples where Buddha is depicted in sitting as well as in reclining postures. They are some of the most spiritually mystic place to visit across the world.

grand palaceBangkok is famous for the nature trail and it offers many tours in the wild zone. A ride on Elephant’s back in the jungle and on the ox cart in the obscure villages is must in the to-do list of every tourist. Do not forget to visit the floating markets on the outskirts of the city which are famous for some of the exotic and delicious fruits and vegetables.

elephant-trekking-thailandThe Thai markets are full of buzzing streets and a volley of nightclubs gives you a variety of options to enjoy the buoyant atmosphere. They are proficient in Thai as well as western and Indian cuisine and the Karaoke clubs are filled with foreigners all night long.

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