Street Food Walking Tour Bangkok

Nov 19, 2016

Street Food Walking Tour Bangkok : Must-Attend Excursions

written by: johniedepp

Food tasting and sampling has become one of the top tourist attractions in many parts of the world including Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is a popular destination for food tourism because it has plenty to offer in terms of food fairs and festivals, with emphasis on Thai delicacies. If you go to Bangkok today, you won’t be amazed by the sheer number of tourists who you’ll find there. And their collective mission is always; to indulge in food appreciation tours and festivities across the city. If you are an avid Thai cuisine fan, your next destination should definitely be Bangkok. We recently had an epic street food walking tour Bangkok, and it was worth our time, money and effort. All the local dishes that we tasted turned out to be quite sumptuous, fulfilling, unique and authentic. We chose not to tell you more about our trip because we want you to go and experience a Bangkok street food tour for yourself.

Top Must- Attend Bangkok Food Tours

In celebration of Bangkok’s fantastic food tourism and the excursions that have perfected it, we have rounded up the top Thai street food tours we couldn’t be more thankful for. Here are the food trips that you must try out.

1. The Yaowarat Street Food Tour 

Yaowarat is arguably Bangkok’s most renowned street food destination and the local favorite dining distr

ict. The Yaowarat street food tour is an early night adventure characterized by sophisticated flavors of Thai’s traditional delicacies. During this remarkable street food walking tour Bangkok, tourists get the chance to explore and sample local cuisines from seven renowned eateries. What’s more, between every tasting location, they also get to enjoy the spectacular beauty of this epic neighborhood, engaging with the friendly locals while hearing the memorable stories of Yaowarat, and visiting cultural as well as religious landmarks. If you are looking for a rare adventure that will highlight your Bangkok trip with the most unforgettable foodie experience, Yaowarat street food tour should be on top of your list.

China town street food

Bangkok China town street food

2. Offbeat Floating Markets Food Tour

Imagine the idea of a floating markets food tour! Doesn’t it sound amazing? The Offbeat Floating Markets food tour is a perfect chance to get to know Bangkok’s countryside and get away from the capital. It’s a several hours’ street food walking tour Bangkok trip that is characterized by numerous visits.

The highlights of this wonderful trip include;

  • A visit to the famous Train Market which is known for its 3 different floating markets.
  • A trip to an ancient tree temple whose name I can’t recall,
  • A tour of a small coconut sugar factory.
  • Other delights may include Thai massage and a boat trip.Prepare yourself for plenty of very interesting and delicious Thai food during this epic trip.

street food at floating market3. Bangrak Food Tasting and Culture Tour

Bangrak is one of Bangkok’s tastiest neighborhoods. Bangrak Food Tasting and Culture tour is a perfect way to learn Thai food culture. Along the way, you will have a chance to taste a wide variety of dishes at numerous food locations, including a couple of topnotch food stalls, specialty eateries and historic fine dining restaurants.

You’ll be accompanied by a knowledgeable tour guide who will reveal secrets of local culture, point out interesting architecture, and entertain you with the exciting history of Bangkok. This award-winning food walking tour Bangkok is a must-attend excursion if you are looking to explore, eat, as well as enjoy.

fruit juice street shop4. Best Eats Midnight Food Tour

Bangkok is the only true city that never stops eating, thanks to various late night food walking excursions such as the Best Eats Midnight Food Tour. With these tours, you can enjoy eating even at midnight. Imagine exploring the city of food via an exciting Tuk Tuk ride and visiting best local eateries late in the night! That is exactly what the Best Eats Midnight Food Tour is all about. Don’t forget to join your counterparts for this wonderful food walking tour Bangkok.

Bangkok Chinatown

Bangkok Chinatown

Conclusion for Street Food Walking Tour Bangkok

Bangkok is truly an amazing place to visit if you have a thing for Asian cuisine. This top Asian food tourism destination offers plenty of food walking tours including the above. As an Asian food enthusiast, a trip to the capital city of Thailand will not be a disappointing one.

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