Friendly Tour to Bangkok and Chiang mai

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Experience local food

Visit off-beaten track

Observe the ways of living of local people

Learning the local community history

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Buay and Eng and two sister who operated LJ Biz , Bangkok local tour operator. We are citizen of Thailand live in Bangkok for over 20 years. We love our town and pound to present of trip. We would like to tell story of our town, show you the hidden places and tell the story of local communities. It took us about several year to research and visit the site to bring you and show the NOW of the city and link to see and hear the pass of the town too. 

photo in Bangkachoa


Untold Stories & Hidden Places

Chiang Mai Mount Watering Experience

Bangnamphung Floating Market Tour

Peek The Craftsman Work

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Our itinerary and routing is well set.  However, we know that sometimes you may want to stay longer for chat, photo or etc.

Worry Free

Travel with well trained tour guide. No worries about the language barrier and communication. Travel around and sightseeing stopping is going to be smooth

Stories & History

We gather background, history , culture and stories of each community so you can understand and know us better.