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Nov 22, 2016

Walking tour in Bangkok , a PERFECT WAY TO EXPLORE the city

Bangkok offers many treasures and sites for a memorable experience. A walking tour in Bangkok is the best way to see the culture, history and lifestyle of the people.

Walking tour in Bangkok has not offered the best experience since some heat, humidity and low quality sidewalks in some area. But find out more in this article why we encourage you to participate with a walking tour in Bangkok.

In this article, beside we are talking about why walking tour in Bangkok is cool things that you should do. We also introduce main sightseeing that you could go to visit as starting point of the Bangkok walking tour too. So you know where to start.Escort Tour guide

Famous sightseeing when visit Bangkok

A 3-4 hour walk is all you need to see the Old Town, Craftsmen, Grand Palace, Floating market, Temples and many other hidden treasures known by the local tour guides.

The tour consist of a small group, between 5-8 people, so that you have the full attention of the guide. It’s about 4 kilometers walk and includes boat rides and public transport. The sight of the City is amazing at night with the skyscrapers and perfect lighting system.

Good reasons to join walking tour in Bangkok

A walking tour in Bangkok allows you to taste the street food prepared by local communities in the area. You can ask questions and get to understand their culture and beliefs.

Learning the religion is also easier since you can visit the numerous temples. The temple of the Golden Buddha houses a 10 foot high, 5.5 tons statue of a pure Golden Buddha.

You will also discover the Grand Palace, a sixty-acre landmark with Thai’s ancient architecture. There are many temples here structured differently with spectacular and fine architecture. Bronze statues, the Coronation hall and Royal Funeral Hall are also here for you.

Area to start walking tour in Bangkok

Bangkok is quite big and there is a lot of sightseeing that one can explore the city. So we have 4 places that you could consider to starting your walking trip and observe around the area.

Main sightseeing in Bangkok
Introduce to the Emerald Buddha

The Emerald Buddha Temple is the most important Buddhist Temple in Thailand. It contains a 24-inch Emerald Buddha with gold outfits changed by the king during ceremonies of new seasons.

The temple is located in the Grand palace with one visit , you can see the best temple and the King resident area. This is a must see place and gather the best of Thai art inside. It will take around 2-3 hours at this sightseeing.

Grand palace, Bangkok

Top sightseeing along the River of The King

communities by watching them on the banks as you ride deep into the heart of Bangkok.

The river has canals that were built to ease travel to the Siamese capital, 50 miles away. The capital was named Olive Town in the 1500’s but it fell to the Burmese in 1760’s. The new King renamed Olive Town Thornburi and built his new capital next to Wat Arun.

In 1782 King Rama I took over and moved the capital East, along Chao Phraya River, and built the Grand Palace. The new capital was named Rattanakosin. He convinced the Chinese to move South, the current Chinatown. This laid the ground to what became Bangkok City.

bangkok canal tour

Most people, take a long tail boat trip to observe the Canal tour of Bangkok. Follow by that, visitors can go to walk around the bank of river to main sightseeing such as Wat Arun, the Royal barge museum, Wat Pho or local market. If you want to have this relaxing trip, you could easily spend a full day in the old city area.

What is in and around Bangkok Khlongs or Bangkok canal

The Chao Phraya River covers virtually the whole of Thailand from the North to the South with multiple canals cutting through the city. All the local life and extraordinary places are only accessible via canals or khlongs.

A long tail boat is used for transport since it can carry a handful of passengers and cut across the crowded river safely. Thornburi canals are very interesting, as you will find very welcoming communities living here. They offer handmade crafts at cheap prices and you can use the wooden walkways for a memorable chat with the locals.

The environment is calm and there is an orchid farm with a lot of stories you can learn from the guide. Feeding catfish and other water creatures are all in the program.

Along the way too, you will check out the Floating Market and the Hidden Forest Temple. This River of King’s, as the name Chao Phraya means, has all the historical sites and is the main link to the khlongs.


Bangkok Chinatown

Wow Yoawarat or Bangkok Chinatown

Chinatown samPheng (Sampeng) is an open market with a variety of foods and street vendors. There are many unique sights and its just about a 3 km walk on flat surface. There are sweet, salty and spicy flavors for you to sample along the way.Bangkok China town walking tour

There is a lot of history on the foods which you accompany with sweet deserts and mingle with food lovers. On the alleys and streets, you will notice the familiarity since you have seen them in movies. The town is very colorful, bustling, bright and requires a small group with a tour guide for a great walking tour in Bangkok, Chinatown.

Read more for 6 reasons to enjoy visit Bangkok Chinatown.

kauychab nhai aoun

Learning about Buddhism Life around old city area

A complete tour is done when you have seen and interacted with the old communities: Muslim village and Ban Krua Thai Silk are part of them. Check out the modern concrete houses, old wooden Thai houses and local business shops.

A boat ride is the only effective means of transport therefore, if you fear water, get a grip. The tour is complete after exploring the Ban Baht community of Monk’s Alm handicraft craftsmen and learning their history & heritage of Buddhism.

This is not a main sightseeing and also EatWalkTalkTour has an offer for a trip. Check this walking tour in Bangkok out.
Bangkok walking tour


Now you got an idea what is choice available for make your own walking tour in Bangkok . You can D.I.Y or book a tour with tour operator which provide a Bangkok tour guide to support and make your trip success.

Thanks for reading and hope you get the best out of this article. If you find this article is useful.

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