Easy Bangkok Eating Tour On Your Own

Jun 24, 2016

Food Court , Travel and Plan your Bangkok Eating Tour on Your Own

Not a top secret that food court in Bangkok is cheap. You could go to shopping mall for shopping and enjoy various kinds of entertainment there. Add your visit to food court, you could easily make your own trip for the Bangkok eating tour. The food there is cheap, good and lot of variety.  In addition, it is at a/c room which is very cool in warm climate areas such as Bangkok.

Top recommend food court for your Bangkok eating tourBangbanphoung floating market

Siam Paragon

When the shopping mall was first starting, the CEO of Siam paragon went to many famous small streets of Bangkok. He pursued the famous street food shop owner to set up a branch in Siam paragon food court. That’s why Siam Paragon has a lot of good food on sell and so busy during lunch time.

Recommend Dishes

The first intro is Bame Sawang (egg noodle call Sawang). It is yummy because crab meat and roasted pork.  Koaw Kean Bencharong which has various kinds of Thai food serves with steam rice. They provide reasonable price and very yummy taste. Kawmain kai or steam rice and chicken at Rakkafea shop serve soft rice and very nice chicken sauce in Chinese style.

siam paragon food court

siam paragon food court

World class entertainment in the area of Siam Paragon is included Madame Tussaud museum, Kidzania, and Sea life Bangkok Ocean World.  You could easily keep your family busy for all day with a selection of activities.



siam ocean world

siam ocean world

Madam Tussue

Madam Tussue

Terminal 21 

This shopping center is located at the Asoke intersection. The shopping mall is decorated with main sightseeing around the world such as golden gate bridge , London bus, Oscar prize and more . Fan of selfie and Photo lover should not miss this place.

The shopping got a free media PR since they provide very low rate meals at the food court. CNN and local media published about successful business strategy. The owner is Mr. Anan Assawapokin, he found out that people who work in lower up to midrange income along the sky train line can only go to MBK for lunch only since their price is reasonable.  Therefore, he decided not to charge a rental fee as well as tool and equipment at the food court. The food here is low rate as street food but more comfortable with A/C , located on 5th  floor of shopping mall , called Pier 21 .

terminal 21

terminal 21

kaow mun kai , Chicken and stream rice

kaow mun kai

Recommended Dishes

Many well known shop selling food here such as Thongchai somtam (papaya salad shop) start price from 28 THB, Kuayteaw tom yam moonum ( tomyam noodle with soft pork and boil egg ) rate at 42 thb, Kuayjab samtom ( the dark soup noodle cook in Chinese style ) , Kauay teaw Kau kai (stir fired thick noodle with chicken ) start at 25 thb, Kuayteaw rua roummit ( small bowl noodle with dark soup ) start at 25 THB and etc.  The price of food here is very attractive and we often recommend friends to add this shopping mall to the list of things to do in Bangkok for Bangkok eating tour experience.

Shopping seems to be the only activities here. Those who are looking for unique stuff not from the big brand name, Terminal 21 is a good place and highly recommend.

MBK or Maboon Klong Shopping Mall

MBK and Siam Paragon are located in the same area or intersection. It takes about 5 minutes walk from one to another. Therefore, you could eat at MBK and go to Siam center or Siam Paragon very easy.

MBK is one of the oldest shopping centers of Bangkok. This shopping mall is also well known as air conditioning market, which has a lot of things to buy such as souvenir, cloth ,apparel, phone and accessory. At food court on the 6th floor of the shopping complex, there are loads of food to eat.

MBK Food Court

MBK Food Court

The food range price run between 40-60 thb/ dishes. There are many dishes that you may like to taste. The rice and meal shop at Krukoonmea , which sell ala carte food which you could eat warmed cook meal special taste as pork basil and rice or fried rice for instance. Suki Number one serves sukiyaki with Thai style sauce. Kuay Jab Sam Yan offer Chinese herbal noodle with crispy pork. There are also vegetarian meal and rice.

ba mee sawang , eggs noodle

ba mee sawang

By the way, Ba Mee is an egg noodle which is often served at lunch time and evening. It is quick and easy meal that Thai people love to eat.


Plan your Bangkok eating tour on your own, visiting food court in the shopping mall is doable. It is easy, cheap and you could keep your day busy as Bangkok people.

Or you already did some of the Bangkok eating tour on your own way, please do not hesitate to let us know. We would love to hear from you.

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