Bangnamphung , Oasis Near Bangkok

Mar 23, 2017

Where is  Bangnamphung ?

Bangnamphung is a small village located in district of Prapradeang in Samootprakarn province. It may sound like very far away. In fact, it is very close to Bangkok. Visitors can get there by cab or a use sky train to connect with local transportation to get there.

Once you are in Bangnamphung, you could see high building of Sathorn and Silom area.

Geography and Around Bangnamphung

Bangnamphung could called as Bangkok jungle. There were a lot of plantation and mangrove since it has been just 10 kilometers away from the Choapharaya delta which can access the gulf of Thailand.

The area was declared as preservation area. Government is not allowed to build tall building over 4 floor and a lot of law as regulation to make people do and turn the land to industrial . They allow people to do plantation and small farm only.Bangnamphung area by different transport

.. SO..

NOW, Do you interesting in visit Bangnamphung yet?

Not yet ..


YOU want to know what to do in Bangnamphung?

OK, it makes sense.

Things to do in Bangnamphung

Shopping and Eating at Bangnamphung floating market

“Fragrant Smell grill fish mixed with herb”

“Refreshment after drink fresh sugar sap with ice”

“Yummy sweet and creamy coconut ice-cream”

Over 2 kilometer passage , you could enjoy eating Thai food, snack, drink and shop at the Banamphung floating market. A small floating market reborn and alive once the floating market was drug from the graveyard.

Floating market was already died from Thai society …

bangkajoa - cake

When was that? And what was going on with Floating Market?

Whenever ,that people have more care and  government spend a lot of money to build the road. Plus, Toyota , ford , Masda, GM and Honda parade move factory in Thailand to make more vehicle on sales.

EatwalkTalkTour talked about over 50 years ago, those circumstance make the Thai changes behavior.

Water was no longer bring traffic, that’s why the Floating market dies.


The Bangnamphung floating market is reborn with new dress up and make up in a hip style and everyone wants to recall A Old Day , Sustainable Life , Green Product and Slow Life.


The Bangnamphung floating market becomes CHRAMMING  and every weekend and long holiday. A Lot of Thai family and Thai tourist are here to hunting good , cheap and fresh lunch.

Most merchants are local residents. They bring their own farm products, cook their meal and ready to serve here.

Here are some snack you may try

Mahor, Chinese sound snack. It is very yummy and interesting look.

You may wonder why it is mince pork in snack, it is very common to have it.

Mahor, pine apple with mince pork


We start from walk. Then take motorcycle taxi and continue with local truck. It was so easy and interesting when seeing different atmosphere as it is in Bangkok.

Bangnamphung area by different transport


Grill fish –  Pakai Yang

snack at Bangnamphung Floating Market

Hoi Tod, recently vote as top 3 best street food menu in the world  

Bangnamphung Floating Market Hoi Tod


You can find local vegetable such as Pak Kratin, Morning glory, Paknam , lookchop and many more.
There are also art corner, a light music area that you could enjoy the meal while listen to Thai classical music.

You can also get souvenir from local product from coconut shell, bead, cloth , woven handbags


RIDING A BikeBangkajoa

The area is close to Chaopraya river or river of the king. Suan Bangkachoa has area over  80 acres (200 rai) With the mangrove and farm in the preservation area . You can get rent a bike and go around visit sightseeing to villages, farm and small museum (small fish museum).

Kayaking in mangrove areafish musuem

We did not try this activity but we have not try but notice it is valid near the Bangnamphung floating market.

tree shop


Sipping coffee at the Bangkok tree house or having snacks at the restaurant by the river

Lot of trees in mangrove area is a great view

It is very chill from busy life.

Visiting Baan TOOP HOM

We recommend to make preservation for a workshop of how to making incense stick

How do you like?

If you do not like to travel to far from Bangkok. You love food and observe local culture.

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