Bangkok Walking Tour Free your leisure

Nov 13, 2016

Have you ever taken a Bangkok walking tour free? This is a very good time for you. Bangkok is the gateway to everything in Thailand. You can easily be scared off by the grandeur and size of Bangkok. It is a historic city which offers a little bit of everything. Expect that the city is going to be crowded at a time, loud and dirty. These things are going to make you appreciate the city more. Every time you get a little frustrated of this town, you will stumble upon some fantastic festivals, capture something with your camera out of national geographic or run into a hidden place. There are many locations on this globe where you can go right from watching the sunset over a 700-year-old temple to the urban rooftop of the bar within minutes. Well, while they can be exhausting, diverse experiences in the city is going to make you feel like you have visited a magical place. Some of the leading places to visit include;

Chulalongkorn University

Chulalongkorn University:

This is another perfect place for your tour. The university is a home of galleries and museums. It also contains an auditorium used for classical concerts. It is one of the most pleasant places to stroll in. The best time to be here is during the term time. You will find the Thai students who are neatly uniformed milling around the university ground.

The university is very big, it may take you about 3-4 hours to walk around to major sightseeing inside.

Wat pratumwanaram

Wat Pathum Wanaram:

As you wander around the university, exit via Henri Dunant Road then turns left. Walk to the end to the end then turn right to Rama 1 road. You will be able to see Wat Pathum Wanaram on your left. The temple has a delightful cluster of buildings which are arranged asymmetrically among shrubs and mature trees. As you sit overlooking, you will see a small canal. Wat Pathum is a home to Phra Meru Mas; a reconstruction of Princess Mother’s crematorium. As it is supposed to represent Mount Meru, home of gods. It is a rare example of craftsmanship. It features lacquered sculptures and ornate stencil. The remains of Sanam Luang (1996) the mother of two kings (Rama VIII and King Rama IX) were stored here in an elaborate procession.

Erawan Shrine

Erawan Shrine:

As you leave the temple complex and turn to your left onto Rama 1 road and Erawan Shrine is across the junction. It is an L-shaped shrine and best known in the city. Its location is outside Grand Hyatt Erawan hotel. It was erected to appease bad spirits after some fatal accidents occurred in the course of construction of the Erawan hotel. When the accidents stopped, the shrine became popular. Day and night, the divine intercession takes place, faithful light incense and pray. Colorfully dressed dancers always perform thanksgiving dance once prayer is answered. You will be amazed to realize that even motorcyclist stop to make a traditional Wai as they pass. For an excellent tour of the shrine, climb to the pedestrian walkway while crossing busy junction.

Pratunam Market

Prathunam Market:

Facing away from the shrine, walk to Ratchadamri road, cross the bridge onto Ratchaprarop and you will arrive at Prathunam Market just on your left. The market takes up the city block and occupies maze of covered stalls the market stocks range of general domestic items hence market to the locals. You will see the Indian fabrics and some sewing accessories. The market is also a late night eating haunt serving supper and snacks.


Baiyoke Tower II:

This is 300+ metres high tower. The balcony is painted the rainbow range of colors and seems to dissolve one another as they ascend the building. It is one of the tallest structure in the town. It is an impressive sight. Baiyoke is a 400 room hotel which occupies 28 floors ( 22nd to 50th floor). It offers guest a birds eye view. Then head to plush bar at Sky Hotel to enjoy cool refreshment and you have savour the experience of the fantastic Bangkok walking tour free


For your travel and leisure, put Bangkok walking tour free as a top priority. Bangkok has become a city of skyscrapers and a melting pot over some centuries. This came as a result of the influence of Chinese and French, who migrated to the city and created a unique culture. Its overlying element remains high. The nation pride runs higher over time. The distinct neighborhood and favorite festivals provide proper blend of old world charm and modern poshness. For detailed reports, feel free to visit our sites www. Bangkok walking tour

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