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Sep 23, 2014

Bangkok show by ENG

Visitors come to Bangkok could be busy with all activities during the day.

At night, Still have energy ? Are you a night out person ?

Considering join Bangkok Show or some night out places.


There are various ways to make your night full of fun.

Let’s check what available in Bangkok.

Visit night market, many of them located all over the city

Red light district  … PATPONG …

Bangkok Show which normal tourist go

Fine Dine at luxury restaurant or top roof restaurant … Lot of them operate by 5 star hotel ..

Dinning on River Cruise … various cruise operator serve buffet or Thai set menu.

Night club

Bangkok show for special event or concert

Since today’s topic is about the Bangkok show, let see what Bangkok shows that has to offer?

What is the top Bangkok show in town?

Eat Walk Talk Tour would like to introduce some cultural show , Korean cooking show and lady boy show which get very positive feedback. This show theaters located in Bangkok city center. You could go there by your own or make arrange pick up service. The show starts in the early late evening and end around 09:00 P.M. which is not too late so the next day you can continue to another trip.

Top Recommend Bangkok Shows in the evening


Cultural show at Siam Niramit

This is a magical and spectacular show is located in Bangkok.

Everyone would enjoy an excellent show with over 100 performers, 10 elephants, and 100 of the animals.Siam Niramit , bangkok show

This show offer an amazing production of Thai history and way of life.  This show enriches with Thai culture and heritage. It simply brings you back to Thailand pass. It shows the Thai believes of after life such as hell and heaven. It was recognized as World class cultural show that recommend to everyone.

Lady boy show at Calypso Cabaret , Membo show , Golden Dome, Play House

calypso show

Those who are looking for fun entertainment could consider visiting lady boy show.

Talking about Bangkok show , without talking about lady boy show . It could not be complete.

So what are cabaret operator ?

Calypso Cabaret, Mambo Cabaret Show , Golden Dome and Play House  

This is a lip syncing entertainer. They come with international song , colorful customs and various mood and tone. It is just a silly, funny and hilarious show that audience will enjoy.

All female alike performers are transvestites. You may not notice that those girls are transvestites when they are not on stage.

The oldest and most famous show is so called Calypso Cabaret show.

Mambo, Golden dome and Play house are also popular for tourist in different market. Market means tourist market. Such as Chinese tourist normally go to Golden Dome for instance.

Some said… I do not feel like a tourist or go where normally tourist go.

The answer is yes. There are other places that may not like standard show as the show above.

These are the stranger Bar , White rabit house, D J Station, Soi 8 Red Beat, Telephone Pub , Castro Bar, Long Beach, G Star Pub, Ick Pub .

Stay tune,

We will find more info and review for you later.

Muay Thai live – Thai Boxing Show  & Muay Thai fighting 

Muay Thai live

The art of Thai boxing became a great stunt show and the lavish productions. Stunts were almost really, like watching a live movie. The sound effects, the fighting and the acting of the actors are amazing.

Muay Thai liver gives you a glimpse of this unique and worshipped sport in Thailand.

Visitors will also see the real Thai boxing match after the show end.

After that,  the audience was invited to take a pictures with the cast. You will see their muscle close up.

It is very good to see and support the show if you Thai boxing sports fan.

Nanta Cooking Show – a story which takes place in the kitchen of the restaurant

Nanta Cooking Show

Nanta Show is a cooking show when the wedding banquet was assigned and need to be done for the event within one hour.  The show time is for one hour, which related to a story which takes place in the kitchen of the restaurant. During making a food for the wedding with many incidents, hilarious story keeps happening. The combination of martial art and easy to understand trick make everyone enjoy this show for sure.
Nanta show is a fully entertaining form beginning to the end. This is highly recommended for kids and family activities.

There are more show that start to coming out . We keep you post if there are any update.

Least but not last, we hope you enjoy our Bangkok Show of recommendation for your night out above.

If there are any topic , you like to know more detail, email, or inbox in our social net working.  

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